Khuasak Tintuknak Lamsialtu: Zeitindah chungkhar-siibawi tha na kawl lai?

Moving to a new country and learning a new language is difficult enough, and learning about a new health system can add more confusion. Source: Getty Images

Zawtfah kan ton caan ah, kan ton ding siibawi hi: siibawi tha asile silo cu suitlang bangtuk in cuaithlai ding hrim an si. Siibawi ton ding na thim tik ah, nangmah pumpak sining an hngalhthiammi, mizaw cungah zawnruahnak a ngeimi le cawn thiam tlinnak a ngei mi siibawi asile silo cu, zeitindah na hngalh lai? Zeitindah mahbatuk siibawi tha cu na hmuh ton khawh lai?