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Sonia Singh with her doll Source: Tree Change Dolls Tumblr

Meet Tasmanian resident Sonia Singh, an Indian Australian entrepreneur who took to recycling dolls after she was made redundant at CSIRO.

Born to a Punjabi father and an Australian mother, Sonia Singh is an Indian Australian who resides in Tasmania. A redundancy from CSIRO sparked her desire to recycle discarded dolls. Yes, you heard it right. Being a mother to her little daughter, she struck upon the idea of recycling old, discarded dolls.

She started repairing the dolls, fixing their hairstyles, and restyling their faces. Her mother, an expert knitter, offered to clothe the doll. And once these beautiful creations were ready, she shared it on Facebook. 

They became an instant hit. With thousands of likes and shares, Sonia Singh's passion and creativity led to the birth of 'Tree Change Dolls'. Sonia recycles, repairs and upcycles forgotten and discarded dolls. They are given a new down-to-earth style and are soon ready for outdoor adventures. Rescued from landfill these dolls get a second chance at play and a new lease on life.

Sonia hopes to create resources for people wanting to try it themselves and whatever interesting and creative projects the dolls bring her way.