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Breaking News: Australian Government announces new temporary parent visa

Source: government

Read the full press release. Government plans to introduce a new five-year temporary sponsored parent visa.

A new visa will make it easier for migrants to have their parents visit them in Australia.

Assistant Immigration Minister Alex Hawke launched a discussion paper on Friday to kick start community consultations on developing the legislation for a new five-year temporary sponsored parent visa.

"Reuniting three generations of families has great societal benefits, and that's why we're announcing a temporary visa of five years," Mr Hawke said.

"Aged parents are also an asset to their families…families are the fundamental building blocks to their society."


Mr Hawke acknowledged the current visa program as inefficient, sometimes resulting in wait times of 30 years.

The legislation would be informed by community leaders making submissions about the policy's features.

"Today I'm announcing that the Turnbull government will consult widely so that the setting for this visa enables the most options."

Members of Indian community in Australia have been urging the political parties over a year to create an alternative to the current parent visa streams. The issue picked up steam before the federal elections following which the political parties had made announcements to cater to need of family reunion.

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