First Contact classroom resources

Take the discussion from the TV screen into the classroom with these short clips from the series and curriculum linked activities. 


History, English & Media Arts



These resources will provide you with a clear framework for positive classroom discussion of the themes arising in the series.

Episode 1

Watch the Episode 1 classroom clips to gain a deeper understanding of: Impacts of colonisation, Race relations Connection to Country and National identity.

Episode 2

Watch the Episode 2 classroom clips to gain a deeper understanding of: Equity and equality, Systematic and institutional racism, Intergenerational Trauma,...

Episode 3

Watch the Episode 3 classroom clips to gain a deeper understanding of: The power of education, Stereotypes and prejudice, Changing attitudes, Equity and Equality...
These education resources were created in partnership with Reconciliation Australia.
Servant Or Slave

Using first person accounts and reconstructions this documentary gives a powerful insight into the domestic servitude forced upon Aboriginal women in 20th Century Australia.

English, History and Aboriginal Studies Y9-12

Deeper Dive

Take a deeper dive into some of the concepts covered in First Contact with these related SBS teaching resources.
Voice-activated SBS interactive: one woman’s fight to save her Indigenous language. After a Walkley and a SXSW award in 2016, it has now won a Webby.

Season 1

See where the journey began with the first season of First Contact.
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Increase knowledge and pride in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures in schools year-round.
When modern scientists learn about the meteorological, astronomical and geographical knowledge that has been passed down in Aboriginal culture, they are often...