Analyse Food Industry Ethics

Dive into ethical and sustainability concerns around seafood consumption. This resource is inspired by the SBS documentary What's The Catch? with Matthew Evans, and includes:

  • Clips from the original series; 
  • Suggestions for projects, discussions and research tasks; 
  • Ways to actively explore ethical considerations; 
  • Strong links to studies of sustainability; 
  • Links to further reading and research materials. 

Please note all information was correct at time of original publication as one of SBS Learn's very first teacher resources (in 2015). 

Australian Curriculum

Cross-Curriculum Priorities
• Sustainability
• Asia and Australia's Engagament with Asia

Year 5: ACSHE083, ACSSU043 
Year 6: ACSSU094, ACSHE100 
Year 7: ACSSU112, ACSSU116, ACSHE120 
Year 8: ACSHE135, ACSHE136 
Year 9: ACSSU176  
Year 10: ACSSU189 

Technologies (Design & Technology)
Years 5 & 6: ACTDEK019 
Years 7 & 8: ACTDEK029, ACTDEK032 
Years 9 & 10: ACTDEK040, ACTDEK044 

HASS (Geography)
Year 7: ACHGK042 
Year 8: ACHGK051 
Year 9: ACHGK061, ACHGK063, ACHGK064 
Year 10: ACHGK070, ACHGK074