Create Short Films on Identity

Source: SBS

Help students explore concepts around identity through short films created by young film makers. Yrs 7-10 English, HASS +more

Australian Curriculum

HASS (Civics and Citizenship)
Year 7: ACHCK053
Year 8: ACHCK067ACHCK066 
Year 9: ACHCK080 

HASS (Geography)
Year 8: ACHGK058
Year 9: ACHGK065 

Year 7: ACELY1724 
Year 8: ACELT1628 
Year 9: ACELA1560ACELA1561ACELT1635ACELY1745

Health and Physical Education
Year 7&8: ACPPS070 
Year 9&10: ACPPS089 

Media Arts
Year 7&8: ACAMAM067ACAMAR071