Discover Australia's First Fake News Story

Source: SBS

This is the accompanying teacher resource for SBS interactive documentary, K'gari. The documentary debunks one of Australia’s first fake news stories about the origins of Fraser Island, by exposing the largely untold Aboriginal version of events. The resource includes: 

  • The 10 minute interactive documentary - you will need internet connection and audio on; 
  • Discussion questions; 
  • Classroom activities; 
  • Extension activities. 

Caution: SBS Learn would like to advise Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples that this resource may contain images, audio visual materials and/or the names of people who have died.

Australian Curriculum

Cross-curriculum Priorities
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Histories & Cultures

Year 6: ACHASSK135, ACHASSK137
Year 7: ACHCK053, ACHASSI156
Year 8: ACHCK066, ACHCS069
Year 9: ACDSEH020
Year 10: ACDSEH104, ACDSEH143, ACHHS182

Year 7: ACELT1619
Year 8: ACELT1806
Year 9: ACELT1633, ACELY1739