Extend Problem Solving and Lateral Thinking

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These are a range of quizzes and puzzles inspired by the SBS series, Child Genius, giving your students the chance to test their own intellect – and their classmates'. The resource includes: 

  • 5 multilingual interactive worksheets (French, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin (Simplified Chinese), English, and Answer Sheet available in England only; 
  • Kahoot! quizzes based on maths and logic, science and memory, and anagrams; 
  • Kahoot! quizzes using questions from the show. 

Child Genius is a Warner Bros International Television Production Australia production for SBS.

Australian Curriculum

Year 3: ACMNA055, ACMNA058, ACMSP067
Year 4: ACMNA082, ACMNA083, ACMSP092
Year 5: ACMNA291, ACMSP116 
Year 6: ACMNA123, ACMSP144 
Year 7: ACMNA151, ACMNA280, ACMSP168 

Year 3: ACSIS053, ACSIS215 
Year 4: ACSIS064 
Year 5: ACSSU078, ACSIS231 
Year 6: ACSIS110 
Year 7: ACSSU113 

Years 3 - 7: French, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin (Simplified Chinese)