Helpful guidance for international students in Australia

Source: SBS / Daniel Asher Smith
  • Relevant Subjects HASS
  • Year Level Year 11 , 12
  • 20/07/2018 - updated 10/07/2020
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International students contribute to a large intake of those studying in Australia each year. Learning and adjusting to a new country can be hard, so use these guides for key information you need to know. This resource is based on SBS drama, Dead Lucky, which touches on the student exploitation narrative in the series. The resource includes: 

  • 7 multilingual fact sheets capturing key national information around legal rights, housing, employment, safety and well-being; 
  • The fact sheets are available in Mandarin (Simplified Chinese), Portuguese, Nepali, Hindi, Malay, Vietnamese and English; 
  • Short videos from students sharing their tips and advice. 

Information in these resources were correct at time of publication (2018). 

Australian Curriculum

Cross-Curriculum Priorities
Asia and Australia's Engagement with Asia

Years 11 & 12: Geography (Unit 2 & 4), ACHGE115

Years 11 & 12: Vietnamese, Hindi, Mandarin (Simplified Chinese), Portuguese, Malay, English, Nepali