Reflecting On The Southern Cross

We Don't Need A Map Source: NITV

This resource uses six short clips from documentary We Don't Need A Map to explore Australian identity, and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples' histories, knowledges and cultures. The resource includes:

  • Six clips chosen specifically for classroom study; 
  • In-depth discussion questions; 
  • Practical and group activities; 
  • Resources to build confidence in teachers working with subject matter including discussions of January 26 / Australia Day and Australian identity; 
  • Detailed guidelines on building classroom respect and cultural safety; 
  • Opportunities for reflection and conversation. 

This resource was originally developed in 2017, in partnership with Reconciliation Australia and Barefoot Communications. 

Caution: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples are warned that the following teacher resource may contain images, names and voices of deceased persons.

Australian Curriculum

Cross-curriculum Priorities
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Histories and Cultures

Year 7: ACSHE223, ELBS990

Humanities and Social Sciences (Civics and Citizenship)
Year 8: ACHCK066, ELBH908

Humanities and Social Sciences (Economics and Business)
Year 8: ACHEK028, ELBH1139

Humanities and Social Sciences (Geography)
Year 10: ACHGK072, ACELT1806, ELBE1303

Year 9: ACELT1633, ELBE1187, ACELY1739, ELBE1207

Media Arts
Year 7 & 8: ACAMAR071, ELBMA100
Year 9 & 10: ACAMAR078, ELBA083, ACAMAR079, ACAMAM074, ELBMA110