Stories from the Shore

Source: NITV

This teacher resource explores views from the shore as Captain James Cook landed in Australia. It will enable your students to have respectful, informed discussions about the ongoing impacts of colonisation, pertinent around January 26 / Australia Day. Drawing on episodes from NITV’s flagship current affairs program, The Point, the resource includes:

  • Short classroom-ready clips from The Point
  • Discussion starters on topics including colonisation and Australian history; 
  • Perspectives from experts, guests and journalists; 
  • Practical classroom activities; 
  • Quality additional resources; 
  • Ways to build 21st century skills including critical thinking, effective communication, interpersonal skills;  
  • Resources to support building whole units of work. 

Caution: SBS Learn would like to advise Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples that this resource may contain images, audio visual materials and/or the names of people who have died.


Australian Curriculum

Year 7: ACELT1619, ACELY1765
Year 8: ACELA1548, ACELT1806, ACELT807
Year 9: ACELT1633, ACELY1739
Year 10: ACELA1566, ACELT1639, ACELY1749

Year 7: History: ACHASSK170, ACHASSK171. Geography ACHASSK186
Year 8: Geography ACHGK049. Civics & Citizenship ACHCK064, ACHCK066
Year 9: History ACOKFH015, Depth Study - Making a Nation ACDSEH020, ACDSEH089
Year 10: History ACDSEH104, ACDSEH106, ACDSEH134, ACDSEH143. Geography ACHGK072. Civics & Citizenship ACHCK093.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Histories and Cultures.