Servant or Slave Classroom Resources

Give your students a powerful insight into the domestic servitude forced upon Aboriginal women in 20th Australia with Servant or Slave.

With links to teacher notes and clips from the series this page contains everything you need to use the documentary in the classroom.
The activities in this resource have been designed to complement three short clips from Servant or Slave and five additional vignettes. Y9-12
This resource provides students and teachers with the opportunity to gain a greater understanding of Heritage and Identity. Y9-12
Servant or Slave Director Steven McGregor and former Cootamundra Girl Rita Wright discuss an unacknowledged part of our recent past.
Thousands of Aboriginal girls were placed into domestic service under the Government's Aborigines Welfare Protection Act. Many were mistreated, disrespected and...

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Learn more about the issues raised in Servant or Slave.

One of the darkest events of our nation's history is the forced removal of thousands of Indigenous children from their families. Learn more about here.
The NSW government has put together a multimillion dollar compensation scheme for members of the stolen generations.
NITV asks Former Attorney General and politician Michael Lavarch, OA why he thinks this may be the case.
The dark history of forced labour and Stolen Wages is slowly becoming a national conversation, with people sharing their traumatic first-hand experiences of...
Grandmothers Against Removals (GMAR) believe that Indigenous children should stay with families and in community. 
First Contact classroom resources

Take the discussion from the TV screen into the classroom with these short clips from the series and curriculum linked activities.