The Cultural Atlas

Source: SBS

The Cultural Atlas is an interactive educational resource providing comprehensive cultural information on the countries from which Australia’s biggest migrant populations originate.

The Cultural Atlas is a free online resource which gives detailed culture specific information about a large range of cultures. 

Organised by country the Atlas contains detailed demographic information for both the home country and for the Australian diaspora including up to date statistics on population, age, languages, religions, ethnicities and arrival to Australia.

The Atlas features detailed non-demographic information including:

  • core underlying value systems
  • family structures
  • naming conventions
  • religion

It also provides practical advice around greetings, communication styles, etiquette, and, business culture. It also discusses things to avoid or include in initial dealings with people from the culture.

The countries in the Atlas (currently over 70) have been published roughly in order of the population in Australia who were born in the home country and cover more than 96% of the population. The process for publishing a country involves rigorous research and ongoing consultation with people from the country. Each country is updated regularly based on validated feedback from users.

SBS Inclusion Training

The Atlas has been developed by SBS, International Education Services and Multicultural NSW as part of a broader SBS Inclusion program.

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