Educational Resources

In partnership with the eSafety Commissioner, SBS has created discussion guides for teachers, families and carers around cyberbullying and image sharing, to promote safe and positive experiences online. 


These are to be used with the clips below.

This discussion guide is to provide teachers with conversation starters on themes explored in the series using clips to create a class discussion about behaviours,...
This discussion guide has been developed to support SBS drama, The Hunting and provide parents, carers and families ...
A3 downloadable poster (PDF) for classrooms.
New educational resources available for teachers, parents, carers and families to support SBS drama series, The Hunting.
Safer Internet Day is a worldwide event on 11 February 2020 that raises awareness about online safety and encourages everyone to help create a better internet.

For Teachers

For a deeper dive into issues explored in the series, visit these articles and episodes.


Please ensure you read or watch in advance if planning to use as part of classroom material.

Marc Fennell and Jan Fran: The Few Who Do Podcast 'How to fix the internet'. ...
This episode contains descriptions of alleged sexual assault. Consent has become a challenging area for schools, universities and parents. Insight asks; How do...
OPINION: As technology continues to evolve, new ways to violate consent continue to emerge.
The Hunting, a new four-part Aussie drama, will premiere later this year.
OPINION: For parents, navigating sex and the internet can be an anxiety-inducing terrain because they are often less technology-literate than the kids
New research has found that young women, Indigenous Australians and people with disabilities are the most frequent victims of 'revenge porn.'

For Parents

Articles, stories, opinion pieces exploring themes further from The Hunting from across the SBS network.

OPINION: 'The Hunting' is a masterclass for adults and educators on why our teens are engaging in online sex.
With children being more tech-savvy than ever, it's important for the adults around them to help them have a positive experience online.
'The Hunting' star shares his thoughts on teens expressing their sexuality online, and what he learned from filming the role of misogynistic lawyer and father...
How should parents respond when teen sexting is now a normal part of the social fabric?
My parents would lose face if any explicit photos of me made their way into the public sphere.
Excusing bad behaviour with “boys will be boys” is really just saying “I can’t be bothered”.
FIRST PERSON ACCOUNT: Once our clothes come off, there’s an uncertainty and vulnerability we’re just not used to, or at least I wasn’t used to.