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“It's the novel of a young man…” see article in The Sydney Morning Herald, January, 31, 1987. Cook's other novels include Stormalong, Pig, Tuna and the Killer Koala.

'As good as the novel is Cook attributed'…see interview with John Ryan in journal, Westerly, No.3, September, 1977, p.75

'He admitted to friends and colleagues'…based on remarks made in conversation with a number of sources but specifically author interviews with Jacqui Kent and Brian Davies.

'By the end of the 70s Cook estimated Wake in Fright' see Westerly

'Its co-producers, NLT Productions' see Moran's Guide to Australian TV series, Albert Moran, AFTRS, 1993, p.536

'THERE is an ancient Australian colloquialism' see essay, Formative Landscapes by Ross Gibson, published in Back of Beyond, Discovering Australian Film and TV, AFC, 1988, p. 20. I am indebted to Gibson for the language, style and phrasing as they appear here. In the quote cited, “Nature learning…', Gibson is referring and quoting from Marcus Clarke, in the Preface of The Poems of the Late Adam Lindsay Gordon, Samuel Mullen, London, 1887, pp.v-vi.

'He started it with'…see Westerly.

“Ken had a real love/hate thing for the bush…” AI with Jacqui Kent

'All the characters were based on people Cook had met in the outback'…see Westerly.

'The reviewer in the Irish Times' see 'Back to work, thirstily, on the film set,' article by Denis O'Brien, The Bulletin, January 24, 1970, p.23

“The size of France and Italy put together,” is a quote from the book, Behind the Barrier by Bob Bottom, Gareth Powell Assoc., 1969, p.4 I am indebted to Bob Bottom for the facts and phrasing as regards BH as they appear here.

“He had blown part of a finger off” AI with Brian Davies. This is what Cook told Davies

'A mood of menace', see Peter Temple's outstanding introduction to Wake in Fright by Kenneth Cook, 'A Novel of Menace,' in the 2001 edition, Text Publishing 2001, p IX.

'IN announcing the film version of his bestseller in 1963' see article 'An Unmitigated Boil of Horror,' in 'National Notebook' column, The Bulletin, October, 26, 1963, p.3

'Wake in Fright seemed written to be filmed', AI with Evan Jones

'In December 1968,' see O'Brien

“NLT didn't have a clue,' AI with Anthony Buckley

“I loved Jones' script,' AI with Ted Kotcheff

'Once, in 1958 during a live,' see book British Television Drama, A History by Lez Cooke, BFI publishing, 2003, p.41

'They had a lot of drinking to do,' the source here is an AI with Howard Rubie.

BRIAN DAVIES – friend of Ken Cook
MARGARET GEE – publisher
JACQUI KENT – widow of Ken Cook
PETER THOMPSON – worked with Cook at his film company Patrician Films in the mid 1960s.
PETER TEMPLE – author, wrote the introduction to the 200? Next edition of Wake in Fright.
BRIAN WEST – Director of Photography
PETER HANNAN – Focus Puller
JOHN McCLEAN – Camera Operator
TONY TEGG – Gaffer
HOWARD RUBIE – First Assistant Director
MONICA DAWKINS – Makeup Artist
ROBERT HYNARD – Hair stylist
FRED PETER – Notable Rotary member and extra on the film