Love is short but sweet this Valentine's Day on SOS.
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5 Feb 2013 - 10:47 AM  UPDATED 5 Feb 2013 - 10:47 AM

SBS TWO premiere – Sunday February 10 9.30pm

A confection of sweet short films that celebrate romantic love in its many guises.

SBS ONE encore – Monday February 11 late


If St Valentine, Christian martyr of love, could have foreseen that the farewell note he handed to the daughter of his Roman persecutor just prior to his execution (signed 'from your Valentine') would result some two millennia later in Garry Marshall's 2010 all-star cinematic misfire Valentine's Day, he might have thought twice before committing pen to paper.

February 14 is a day that strikes hope and fear into hearts in equal measure: sweethearts dream of beaus on bended knee; florists hear the sound of singing cash registers; and singletons either retreat to the comfort of their couches armed with tubs of Häagen-Dazs, or siege the bars en masse in defiance.

If we're to believe that true love transcends everything – and arguably, no greater evidence of this exists beyond the world of celluloid – then this week's SOS is for the lovers; a confection of sweet short films that celebrate romantic love in its many guises.


In this comical ode to love, Kirsten Dunst and Brian Geraghty star as a newlywed couple who believe their young marriage is cursed by a bakery robbery committed years ago, and that the only remedy to their nagging discontent is to strike again.

Adapted from a short story by best-selling Japanese author Haruki Murakami, and directed by Carlos Cuarón (brother and writing partner of Alfonso).

LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT (Ireland, 2010)

In this festival favourite, John Hurt stars as Arthur, a long term resident of an upscale retirement home, who one morning falls in love new resident Ruth (Phyllida Law) upon first glance. They spend a magical day together, ending in a proposal. But will he remember it all tomorrow?

A testament to love's ability to bloom in an instant, and last a lifetime.

MY OTHER HALF (Spain, 2010)

Adrian and Andrea have been linked from the very moment they were born. A rare and strange optical deformity makes them see the world in an incomplete but complementary way, and since their youth, each has been fantasising about meeting 'their other half'.

This Spanish short is a charming and quirky reverie on the belief that each of us has a soul mate.

TWO CARS, ONE NIGHT (New Zealand, 2003)

We've pulled this one direct from the archives, as it never fails to charm and delight. A tentative romance blooms between a young Maori boy and girl as they wait in the car park outside a pub whist their parents are drinking inside.

Nominated for an Oscar in 2004, director Taika Waikiki expanded on the themes explored here in his 2010 box-office hit Boy, which screened on SBS ONE and is now available to watch online.