Marion Cotilliard will collaborate with the Dardenne brothers on their next film.
Aurore Engelen

26 Feb 2013 - 8:01 AM  UPDATED 26 Feb 2013 - 8:01 AM

Archipel 35, the production company orchestrated by Denis Freyd, has just announced the summer shooting of the next film by the Dardenne brothers and, most importantly, the identity of a choice recruit to the cast of this 9th film by Belgium's most well-known brothers: multi award-winning Marion Cotillard. While no-one can remain oblivious to the talent of this actress (whose performance was one of the high-points of Rust & Bone), the Dardenne brothers have undoubtedly had a chance to observe her up close, since they were co-producers of Jacques Audiard's last movie.

Since they burst onto the international scene in 1996 with La Promesse, the Dardenne brothers have revealed many talented actors. From Jérémie Rénier to Thomas Doret, not forgetting Emilie Dequenne, Déborah François and Arta Dobroshi, they have often stood out thanks to their feel for casting, pushing young actors, often amateurs, to the centre of the stage, and surrounding them with loyal actors such as Olivier Gourmet, Jérémie Rénier and Fabrizio Rongione. With The Kid With a Bike in 2011, they already slightly changed direction by hiring Cécile de France, offering her a magnificent composition which contributed to turning their usually harsh cinema into something almost solar. By chosing to giving the main role in their new film to Marion Cotillard, the Dardenne brothers move on to a whole new level, by entrusting an international star to embody their cinema. By her side, we will find the faithful Fabrizio Rongione, who just hosted the last Magritte ceremony with talent and energy, and for whom this will be the 5th collaboration with the Dardenne brothers. A return to his roots for this actor discovered in Rosetta, who has since developed his career in Belgium, France and Italy.

Not much is known of this new movie, except that it will unfold the story of Sandra, who, with the help of her husband, will spend a weekend trying to persuade her workmates to give up their bonuses so that she can keep her job. Just like The Son, The Silence of Lorna and The Kid With a Bike, Deux jours, une nuit will be co-produced by Denis Freyd and Archipel 35. In Belgium, it will be carried by the brothers' company, Les Films du Fleuve. Filming should begin this summer in Wallonia.

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