Next week will see the start of filming of Eric Barbier’s 4th feature: Le Dernier Diamant.
Fabien Lemercier

27 Feb 2013 - 8:01 AM  UPDATED 27 Feb 2013 - 8:01 AM

Next week will see the start of filming of Eric Barbier's 4th feature: Le Dernier Diamant. In the cast, the director is reunited with Yvan Attal, whom he had directed in The Snake (2007) and who will this time share the screen with Bérénice Béjo (photo - César 2012 for Best Actress in The Artist). They will be joined by Jean-François Stévenin and Annie Cordy.

Written by the director with Trân-Minh Nam and Marie Eynard, the screenplay follows Simon Carrerra who has just come out of prison. On parole and encouraged by an old accomplice, he joins an organized gang led by Scylla. Their aim: to steal a famous diamond during its auction in Antwerp. This historic gem is being held by Marie Neuville and her daughter Julia, two diamond experts. Marie Neuville dies and Julia, less experienced, finds herself in charge of the sale. Pretending to be a friend of her mother and a security expert, Simon meets Julia and they get on well... a bit too well... He thus manages to obtain a duplicate of the key enabling the gang to steal the diamond. But Scylla wants to get rid of Simon who escapes just in time. As for Julia, she is charged with complicity, and her mother's death is linked to the theft. Simon then decides to strike back: he will help Julia to find the diamond and avenge the death of her mother...

Produced by Aïssa Djabri and Farid Lahouassa for Vertigo Productions (already partnering Eric Barbier for Toreros in 2000), Le Dernier Diamant is co-produced by the Belgian company Scope Pictures and the Luxemburg company Bidibul Productions. Pre-purchased by Canal+ and Ciné+, the feature film has also received funding from the Film Fund Luxembourg amongst others. Filming will take place in Belgium and Luxemburg in March and April, with Denis Rouden in charge of cinematography. French distribution will be handled by Océan Films and international sales by Other Angle Pictures.

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