Filmmaker Timo Vuorensola hopes to continue his success with the financing platform.
17 May 2013 - 5:31 PM  UPDATED 17 May 2013 - 5:31 PM

The talent behind 2012 independent sci-fi feature Iron Sky have just launched a campaign to fund their proposed sequel, Iron Sky The Coming Race.

Set in 2018, the original action comedy entertained the idea that the Nazis fled to the moon to set up a space fleet following their defeat in World War II, spending the past 70 years planning an elaborate attack on Earth.

A co-production between Finland, Germany and Australia, the film was the feature debut of Finnish filmmaker Timo Vuorensola and starred Australian-based actor Christopher Kirby (Daybreakers, Mao's Last Dancer), French actress Julia Dietze (Love in Thoughts) and German veteran Udo Kier (Blood for Dracula, Blade, Melancholia).

Despite its low budget, Iron Sky featured extraordinary special effects. The film sold well overseas and built up a firm fan base thanks mainly to their crowdfunding involvement (making up over 10 percent of the film's budget), which enabled audiences to become a part of the production by contributing ideas and helping to promote the film.

“Our intention is to crowdfund as much as possible with Iron Sky 2,” says Vuorensola. “Although we really enjoyed working with the distributors worldwide with Iron Sky – we did have a few bad experiences, but in general we were well treated – we decided to go back to our roots and try to create the distribution plan ourselves,” he continues. “We want a day-and-date worldwide release, and this can only be guaranteed with us being in control of it.”

Once again audiences who contribute funds will be involved in every part of the sequel's progression including being sent the script, providing feedback and even the opportunity to have a small part in the film itself.

“There are films that will never be able to be done completely independently, but since we've done a good job building a big fan base for the film, it's possible to be a lot more free with the Iron Sky sequel,” explains Vuorensola

As for what to expect for the second chapter, the film reportedly “digs deep into the bowels of the history of mankind”.

“It's going to be crazier, darker, more politically incorrect than its predecessor, and more epic in scale,” assures Vuorensola.

The director even appears in The Coming Race's found footage-style teaser, where he is apparently held captive by the North Koreans and forced to apologise for the making of the original film, which featured a scene where North Korea is directly implicated in the building of the Nazi's spacecrafts.

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