Be a part of the conversation on November 2, as the writer of our Saturday night movie takes your questions on twitter.
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22 Oct 2013 - 12:14 PM  UPDATED 22 Oct 2013 - 12:14 PM

SBS Film is inviting you to participate in a live tweeting event taking place during our November 2 premiere of Creation (SBS ONE, 9.30pm). Join renowned screenwriter John Collee as he takes your questions, and offers his personal insights on the experience of telling Charles Darwin's personal story, and in particular, the family tragedies that drove his landmark research about evolution and genetics.

Following the positive response we had from you about our previous live tweet events, John will be on Twitter during the screening of Creation, along with our Saturday night presenter Sandy George.

(SBS ONE, 9.30pm, introduced by Sandy George)

Creation premieres on SBS ONE on November 2 at 9.30pm. The film, directed by Jon Amiel and written by John Collee, sets out to tell a rich and powerful story about how personal tragedy gave rise to Charles Darwin's extraordinary tome, 'On the Origin of the Species'.

Paul Bettany stars as Charles Darwin (and plays opposite his own real-life wife Jennifer Connolly, as Emma Darwin), and shows a side of Darwin not evident in the scores of textbooks and articles penned about his landmark ccientific findings.

Join the conversation with screenwriter John Collee (@johncollee), using the hashtag #sbsfilm

Scottish-born Australian John Collee is a full-time screenwriter and script consultant, whose work includes the acclaimed scripts for Happy Feet (2006), Master and Commander (2003) and Creation (2009). He has recently collaborated with Jean Jacques Annaud, Steven Spielberg, Zack Snyder, Guillermo del Toro.

Before he married an Australian and they relocated here, John studied Medicine in Edinburgh and worked as a doctor in the UK, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, the Solomon Islands and the former Soviet Union, and from 1991-1996, he wrote a weekly column for The Observer newspaper, UK.