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Saturday 26 April, 8.30pm **Special start time**
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The heroic exploits of a group of ill-equipped Australian soldiers is the stuff of WWII legend, and Alistair Grierson's film focuses on the men who overcame illness and exhaustion to square off against a determined, advancing Japanese army.

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Everything Must Go

Saturday 3 May, 9.30pm
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Will Ferrell stars as a past-his-prime salesman whose alcohol abuse finally gets the better of him on a corporate trip. Fired from his job, he comes home to a locked house and a cold reception: all of his belongings are sprawled on the front lawn and he is forced to air his dirty laundry in the ultimate stocktake.


Saturday 10 May - no film


Harry Brown

Saturday 17 May, 9.30pm

Michael Caine dispenses veteran vigilante justice in this role as a pensioner fed up with gangs of kids terrorising the residents of his Council estate. 


A Dangerous Method

Saturday 24 May, 9.30pm

Keira Knightley plays a kind of muse to Carl Jung (Michael Fassbender) in David Cronenberg's story of the origins of 'the talking cure' - Psychoanalysis. As Sigmund Freud, Viggo Mortensen watches on with more than a hint of the green-eyed monsters, as his younger colleague pursues the odd case of the hysterical sexpot, Sabina Spielrein (Knightley).

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