The madness returns to SBS2, with another fun season of kung fu, sci-fi and all that other genre goodness.
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10 Feb 2014 - 3:00 PM  UPDATED 24 Feb 2015 - 10:26 AM


April 2, 8:30pm

During the third century BC in China, a ruthless king employs an orphaned warrior to protect him against three assassins named Sky, Broken Sword, and Flying Snow.

Point Blank

Wednesday 9 April, 8:30pm

The life of a man is turned upside when his expectant wife is kidnapped before his eyes. He soon learns the fate of her safe return is tied to a wounded, wanted gangster.

Cold Prey
Cold Prey 2

Wednesday 16 April, From 8:30pm

In an abandoned ski lodge, five friends fight the most frightening serial killer in Norwegian history. And in the sequel, the nightmare continues for one of the survivors.

13 Assassins

Wednesday 23 April, 8:30pm

In order to assassinate the sadistic brother of a Shogun, a master samurai enlists the help of 12 others to ambush him and his army of 200 men.

Priest of Evil

April 30, 8:30pm

A detective struggling with grief over his daughter's death must catch a serial killer that's stalking the train stations of Helsinki.

Iron Sky
Dead Snow

Wednesday 7 May, From 8:30pm

Our Nazi schlock double bill begins with a comedy set in 2018 when the Nazi's return after decades away living on the moon. Next, Nazi zombies terrorise holidaying Norwegians.

Easy Money

Wednesday 14 May, 8:30pm

In Sweden, a talented financial advisor begins a double life when he helps a crime syndicate launder their drug money. Soon enough, he's out of his depth and in deep trouble.

Wu Xia

Wednesday 21 May, 8:30pm

In the late Qing Dynasty, a detective visits a remote village to investigate the deaths of two bandits and stumbles upon the secret past of the local papermaker.

[REC] 3: Genesis

May 28, 8:30pm

The horror series continues, this time at a couple's wedding, where guests start showing signs of a terryfying illness, causing havoc for the newlyweds.

Blind Man

Wednesday 4 June, 8:30pm

After a seemingly 'perfect' double murder occurs in Paris, a detective's search leads to one unique suspect: a blind man with enhanced senses and reflexes.

Flying Swords of Dragon Gate

Wednesday 11 June, 8:30pm

Several characters come together in the middle of the desert at the Dragon Gate Inn, before a battle erupts over the possession of a nearby buried treasure.