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Room In Rome

Two gorgeous strangers share a night of sex, tall tales, and more sex in director Julio Medem’s artful Room in Rome. Feisty Spaniard Alba (Elena Anaya, who went on to star in Pedro Almodovar’s The Skin I Live In) and cagey Natasha (Natasha Yarovenko) have just met on what is the final night in the Italian capital for both of them, and Alba successfully talks her Russian new acquaintance into a saucy sleepover. Within five minutes the two have fallen into bed and Natasha’s early hesitation gives way to a night of exploration and revelation, as the strangers hint at their personal histories, and make full use of the King-size bed (and the bathtub), to realise their fantasies. (FW)

The Blonde With Bare Breasts

Okay, so the film’s title actually relates to Manet’s famous painting, the theft of which kicks off proceedings in this jaunty French farce. Two young brothers live on a barge and eke out a living as small-time crooks until they hit on a plan to steal said painting from the Mussee d’Orsay. They don’t anticipate being noticed – and followed –  by the museum’s security guard, Rosalie (Vahina Giocante) but they certainly take notice of the blonde with... well, you know. To their surprise, the free spirit eagerly consents to their plans to ‘kidnap’ her and what follows is an unconventional ménage a trois, with lots of skinny dipping in the Seine... and a posse of art patrons in pursuit of both of the blondes with... well, you know. (FW)

Next Door

John is on his way home from work when an attractive new neighbour asks if he wouldn't mind coming over to help her rearrange some heavy objects in her apartment. It’s a ruse, of course, but the newly single John is more than happy to oblige the strict Anne and her flirty and impulsive sister, Kim. All three get along famously until their sexual gameplay takes a dangerous turn and things quickly spiral out of control. John's experiences with his naughty neighbours have a clarifying impact, and bring new meaning to the term 'neighbourhood watch'. (FW)

The Ring Finger

Olga Kurylenko stars in this strange erotic period piece about loss, denial, and unconventional workplace rituals. 20-year old Iris loses the tip of her finger in a soft drink bottling accident and finds new employment as a lab assistant for an eccentric scientist who preserves his client's personal possessions. In her new strange, silent workplace, Iris submits to the gaze and sexual peccadilloes of her enigmatic boss. (FW)

Cold Showers

Cold Showers takes a darly funny look at adolescence, and the impact of sex, luck and catastrophe upon two judo rivals and on the beautiful girl that binds them. Mickael (Johan Libérau) and Clément (Pierre Perrier) hail from opposite ends of the economic divide, but their backgrounds count for little when squaring off against each other on the mat. Amid the pressure of an upcoming tournament, Clément gains new insight into Mickael's world, and he becomes a fixture in Mickael's relationship with Vanessa (Salomé Stévenin). (FW)

Heading South

Charlotte Rampling has forged a career out of playing sexually adventurous women of all ages, and so she perfectly cast as Ellen, a Haiti-bound sex tourist in the 1970s who finds herself vying for the attentions of the local stud, Legba (Menothy Cesar). Laurent Cantet's adaptation of a series of real-life stories, looks at desire and sex as a political metaphor, and doesn't skimp on the detail of what goes on behind closed doors, either. (FW)

A Tout De Suite

A one night stand with a handsome stranger has life-changing consequences for naive art student Lili (Isild Le Bresco), in this stylish thriller from Benoit Jacquot. Lili is over the moon when her new lover (Ouassini Embarek) calls her soon after their hook-up, but the news isn't quite what she'd hoped for. He calls to tell her that he's in the middle of a bungled bank job and would quite appreciate a place to hide, and quickly. So begins a life on the lam for the two newly-acquainted lovers, as they head to Spain with a pair of accomplices. (FW)


Remember Christopher Nolan's Memento, in which Guy Pearce's inability to remember anything beyond 15  minutes severely curtailed his attempts to solve a grisly murder? Yes? Well, best you forget it, because this bawdy French comedy isn't nearly as heavy as all that, even though the lead character Graham (Eduardo Noriega) has the same condition. Graham's recurring memory loss makes him forget most things after only a few minutes, including his wife and young son. On the bright side, it means he gets to experience love at first sight over and over again,  with the gorgeous office temp, Irene (Anna Mouglais). (FW)


If Quentin Tarantino had made Heavenly Creatures, it might look a lot like Hardcore, Dennis Iliadis' story of two gun-toting teen sex workers with an appetite for destruction. Nandia (Danae Skiadi) and Martha (Katerina Tsavalou) are frenemies and lovers, who plot against the forces of the Athenian underworld that conspire to keep them working a dreary brothel, where the quality of the tricks are colour-coded on post-it notes. The film's energy captures the wildness of the girls' pouty-mouthed rebellion, as they leave a high body count in their wake. (FW)

My Name Is Juani

The late veteran Spanish director Bigas Luna made stars of Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem with sexy stories of small towns, big dreams and even bigger bodily urges, such as the classic social comedy that first paired them on screen, Jamón, Jamón.  With 2006's My Name is Juani, Luna applied his formula to his story of a working class girl (Veronica Echegui) yearning for fame and fortune outside of her small town.  Juani bolts to Madrid to escape her two-timing boyfriend and the limited life options, to discover that romance, sex and betrayal awaits her in her new postcode. (FW)

DiDi Hollywood

Another tale of big ambition and even bigger sacrifice from the Spanish expert on such things, Bigas Luna. This time around a smalltown girl follows her dreams for stardom all the way from Madrid to Hollywood (with a pit-stop in Miami), and finds the dream factory can be a nightmare unless you're willing to play the game. Elsa Pataky plays wannabe actress Diane, later fashioned into 'DiDi' on the advice of a smooth operator she takes on as her agent (Peter Coyote, living up to his surname).  In a series of risqué vignettes, DiDi learns to use her wits and wiles to get noticed. (FW)

Student Services

Versatile French actress Deborah Francois plays a first-year uni student caught between a rock and a hard place in Emmanuelle Bercot's Student Services. Cash-strapped Laura takes a job as a call girl to offset her escalating education and living expenses, after spotting this advertisement on the internet: '50 year-old man seeks female student for tender moments. One hundred euros an hour.'  The film is adapted from a famous French memoir penned by a college-age sex worker, and Francois demonstrates the gamut of emotions Laura experiences, as she starts to make decent money from regular clients. (FW)

Wild: A Journey In Search Of Love

A randy 17-year-old sets himself a deadline to lose his virginity before he starts his compulsory military service in Yoram Gal's sex comedy that might be referred to as 'the Israeli Porky's' if it were kosher to say such a thing (Editor's note: it's not). Wild (Omer Barnea)'s raging hormones impede his prospects for rational decision making and bring him into contact with all sorts of unsavoury types in his ultimate puirsuit of the gorgeous and unattainable Renanit (Adi Ezroni). (FW)

Just Like Me

Freddy is a womaniser on the wrong side of 40 with remarkable luck with the ladies, until one of his would-be one night stands turns out to share the same DNA.  The realisation that he almost schtooped his daughter is the equivalent of a cold shower for this Casanova. Diego Kaplan's Spanish sex comedy with a twist keeps the laughs all in the family, as the two endeavour to get over their really, really awkward beginnings. (FW)