We kick off our month-long movie tour of Brazil with stories from (and about) the bustling metropolis São Paulo.
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10 Jun 2014 - 12:00 AM  UPDATED 24 Jun 2014 - 9:50 AM

We 3

SBS 2: Friday June 13, 11pm

São Paulo is the setting for this modern, sexy love triangle in which three young housemates complicate the dynamic when they jump into bed together with the entire country watching. Camilla, Rafael and Caze set up house together as they embark on a year of college. A tutor convinces them to invite cameras into their household as part of a Big Brother-style consumerism experiment and when they have one too many tequila shots, the sexual tension escalates.

The Sign of the City

SBS2: Saturday June 14, 11pm 

A radio astrologer connects with the late-night voices of São Paulo in this story of destiny starring Brazillian soap superstar Bruna Lombardi (who also write the script). It’s a family affair, as Lombardi’s husband, Alberto Riccelli, directed the film and their son, Kim, also has a supporting role. This film is a perennial favourite of SBS viewers, as fate weaves around the stories of the callers, and they find themselves connected in ways they never imagined.

Bruna: Surfer Girl

SBS2: Sunday June 15, 11pm

This wild and sexy story of a São Paulo prostitute who recounts her adventures online is inspired by the true story of Raquel Pacheco. As a teenager she left her comfortable middle class life to embark on a career as a sex worker and detailed her experiences online. The movie charts Raquel's growing sexual awareness as she forges a new identity as the relaxed, G-G-G beach babe, 'Bruna Surfistinha' ('little surfer girl'), and receives escalating repeat business with her many satisfied clients.

The Year My Parents Went on Vacation

SBS 2: Monday June 16, 11pm

The 1970 World Cup features in the background of this semi-autobiographical story of political oppression from director Cao Hamburger. The 12-year-old son of political activists is uprooted to São Paulo to live with his grandfather, amid a government crackdown on left-wing activism. The boy is told that his parents will return for the World Cup matches but when they fail to materialise, the community rallies around the boy and helps to seek them out. This liberating story of family ties was Brazil’s 2007 foreign language Oscar entry.


SBS 2: Tuesday June 17, 11pm

Shot on location in a notorious prison in São Paulo, Hector Babenco's Carandiru is a gritty portrait of an overcrowded prison system and the daily life of the unique characters trapped behind its bars. Babenco’s own doctor was stationed at the prison and his reflections form the basis of the narrative. Dr. Varella (Luis Carlos Vasconcelos) arrives at the prison when the AIDS epidemic is still relatively unknown, and earns the prisoners’ trust as he schools them on unsafe sex and needle practices. Fernanda considers this dark but realistic movie to be one of her all-time favourite Brazillian films.

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Not By Chance

SBS 2: Wednesday June 18, 11pm

Brazil's largest city takes centre stage in this story of fate and predestination. Best described as Brazil's Sliding Doors, Not By Chance follows a lonely engineer who uses traffic cameras placed around Sao Paulo to spy on his ex-wife. The city's notorious traffic problems play a key role in the narrative as a fatal traffic accident links a series of characters together, and forces them to confront their own shortcomings.

Estomago: A Gastronomic Story

SBS 2: Thursday June 19, 11pm

A multi-award winning film about the power of food and sex, Estomago charts the rise of a penniless immigrant whose fortunes change dramatically when he discovers a natural talent for cooking. His culinary talents make him the toast of São Paulo in this witty drama about the ‘eat or be eaten’ nature of the Southern Hemisphere's biggest city.

Linha De Passe

SBS 2: Friday June 20, 11pm

Walter Salles and co-director Daniela Thomas explore the Brazilian underclass through the lives of four brothers who live with their mother on the outskirts of hectic São Paulo. The brothers try and forge a way forward in the unforgiving city, desperate to find a way to rise above their life on the fringe. One boy spies an opportunity through football and another becomes obsessed with conquering the city's rocketing motorways by bus. The film featured in competition at the 2008 Cannes Film Festival and earned Sandra Corveloni the best actress award for her portrayal as the boys' mother.

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Lula, the Son of Brazil

SBS 2: Saturday June 21, 11pm

A rousing biography of Brazil's celebrated two-term president, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva. Silva's experience of poverty in childhood made him a hero of the union movement and his triumph over a series of personal tragedies made him a popular choice to lead Brazil from 2002 - 2012. The sprawling film charts Lula's political awakening and Ricardo Diaz's performance demonstrates his character's shrewd understanding of how to harness widespread goodwill into a successful political movement.