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15 Jul 2014 - 3:23 PM  UPDATED 22 Apr 2015 - 5:18 PM

Bend It Like Beckham

(Screened Saturday August 2, 9.25pm)

Gurinder Chadha's winning comedy confronts cultural stereotypes and sexism, in the hit story of female footballers and hero worship. Gifted soccer player Jess (Parminder Nagra) idolises David Beckham and wants nothing more than to follow in the footsteps of her frosty-tipped messiah, but her traditional Sikh parents won't hear of it. With the help of her new BFF Jules (Kiera Knightley), Jess risks the frowny judgement of South London's Punjabi diaspora, and sets out to play her beloved game and change her parent's minds.

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Death At A Funeral

(Screened: Saturday August 9, 8.30pm)

Frank Oz's outrageous comedy is hard to describe but even harder to forget (and you'll never see Tyrion Lannister the same way again). The sombre occasion of a family funeral brings a few skeletons – among other things – out of the closet, and a series of spiralling catastrophes make it impossible to for anyone other than the deceased to maintain a stiff upper lip.


Attack The Block

(Screened Saturday August 16, 8.30pm)

One Guy Fawkes night is more explosive than most when a gang of small-time hoods do battle with a new foe: the aliens who have just landed on their council estate. Joe Cornish's very funny sci-fi movie plays with stereotypes and expectations as the young crooks start protecting their turf.


The Queen

(Screened Saturday August 23, 8.30pm)

See Helen Mirren in her Oscar-winning role as a monarch in the midst of an existential crisis. The leader of House of Windsor comes in for harsh criticism for not 'being there' for her subjects, in the aftermath of Princess Di's shock death. Stephen Frears' film takes us inside Windsor Castle in those crucial first few days, to find a Queen genuinely floored by the outpouring of public grief, and more than a little resentful of the expectation that she cave to tabloid baying and break with established protocol. The film's success rests on its ability to straddle the gulf between royalists and republicans, and offer a fully-rounded portrait of an old-fashioned monarch in a modern world.


An Education

Saturday August 30, 8.30pm

Carey Mulligan scored an Oscar nomination for her portrayal of a worldly schoolgirl caught up in the intoxicating experience of first love with an older man. Her Jenny is courted by the wry and dashing David (Peter Sarsgaard), and is whisked off her feet as he opens her eyes to the possibilities of life beyond band practice and the text books. 

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