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In this unofficial sequel of In the Mood for Love by acclaimed director Wong Kar Wai, Chow (Tony Leung), a writer living in a hotel in Hong Kong in the '60s, is trying to escape the painful memories of a failed liaison. He is writing a futuristic romance novel set in 2046, while indulging his passion for the women who live across the hallway in Room 2046 – including the beautiful but elusive Bai Ling (Ziyi Zhang). He also meets Su Li Zhen (Li Gong) – a woman whose name is the same as his lost love from the past (Maggie Cheung). 


Helena Christensen stars in this film about famous pianist Zetterstrom who returns home to his native Denmark, to give a gala concert, just to find out that the choices he has made in his life have affected his love life greatly. Zetterstrom, in his quest for perfection has repressed his emotions, but his return to Copenhagen reawakens the memories of his past. His last visit had been the setting for a tragic love affair with Andrea, and now he begins to have visions of her. His past appears trapped in the Zone - an impermeable transparent shell that has been caused by a bizarre catastrophe. It is here that Zetterstrøm's identity and memories are hidden. 


Written and directed by Sean Ellis, Cashback is the feature length version of his Oscar nominated short of the same name. In the wake of a messy break-up, an art student develops insomnia, gets a job working nights at a supermarket and retreats into a fantasy world in which he has the ability to freeze time.

Chicken with Plums

In this movie by Marjane Satrapi (Persepolis) and Vincent Paronnaud, a famous Iranian musician, Nasser Ali (Mathieu Amalric) loses the taste to live when his beloved violin is destroyed and decides to let himself die. While he waits for death lying on his bed, his mind travels back in various times of his life and he finds himself fantasising about what could have been.

Big Man Japan (Dai Nipponjin)

In this over-the-top Japanese movie, Dai Sato (Hitoshi Matsumoto) is a man down on his luck. He's in his 40s and lives alone. His wife and daughter have left him and his only friend these days is a stray cat. Also, when called upon, he turns into a 30-metre tall giant to defend Japan in true Godzilla-style against a variety of marauding giant monsters.

Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame

In this refreshing take on the wuxia genre, director Hark Tsui tells the story of an exiled detective (Andy Lau), who is recruited to solve a series of mysterious deaths by spontaneous combustion that threaten to delay the inauguration of Empress Wu in 690 AD.


Based on a Japanese folk legend that echoes the tale of Robin Hood, this ninja thriller follows the exploits of Goemon Ishikawa (Yôsuke Eguchi), who leaves his fighting clan after its chief is murdered and uses his skills as a thief to help the poor. But after learning the identity of his leader's killer – the traitorous Hideyoshi (Eiji Okuda) – Goemon sets out on a bloody path of vengeance, joined by his loyal friend, Saizo (Takao Ohsawa).


French director Jean-Pierre Jeunet (Delicatessen, Amelie) invites us again in his whimsical universe in Micmacs (roughly translated as Shenanigans). Main character Bazil, played by comedian Danny Boon (Welcome to the Sticks), survives a freak accident when a bullet gets lodged in his brain. He and a group of oddball friends come up with an intricate and original plan to destroy big weapons manufacturers, responsible for producing the bullet. 

The Myth

Jack (Jackie Chan), a world-renowned archaeologist, has begun having mysterious dreams of a past life as a warrior in ancient China. When a fellow scientist asks for Jack's help in locating the mausoleum of China's first emperor, the past collides violently with the present as Jack discovers his amazing visions are based in fact. Assisted by the spirit of a noble princess, Jack follows a mystical trail that soon finds him battling the forces of the legendary emperor, as well as the henchmen of a modern day tomb raider, as he seeks to uncover history's greatest secret - and his own destiny.

Pan's Labyrinth

In this critically acclaimed movie by Guillermo del Toro, we are transported into a fascinating and frightening fantasy world imagined by young girl to escape the harsh reality of her life during Francoist Spain. Accompanied by her parents, Ofelia (Ivana Baquero) moves from a large Spanish city to a  rural area in the North of the country. Faced with the upheaval of moving home, an abusive stepfather (Sergi Lopez) and the general unpleasantness surrounding Franco's victory in 1944, Ofelia enters an imaginary world of creatures and demons.


French director François Ozon (8 Women, Swimming Pool) ventures in the fantasy realm with this film about an ordinary couple (Alexandra Lamy and Sergi López), whose lives are turned upside down when their newborn Ricky starts demonstrating superpowers.

The Science of Sleep

French director Michel Gondry (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind) lets his boundless imagination out again in this movie starring Gael García Bernal as Stephane, an illustrator moves back to Paris for a new job and to live in his mother's apartment. There, he experiences strange and intense dreams, including one relating to his one man show, Stephane TV. His dreaming meddles with his life and creates confusion for the women (Charlotte Gainsbourg) in his life.


In this action comedy adapted from the eponymous cult TV series from Japan, Gan (Shô Sakurai), his girlfriend Ai (Saki Fukuda), their giant robot dog Yatterwoof and their small robot Toybotty, live a double life, working in a toy shop and transforming into crimefighting heroes on a mission to save the universe. 


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