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4 Nov 2014 - 4:19 PM  UPDATED 24 Feb 2015 - 10:30 AM

Boffo box office for The Babadook

Seems our English friends dig The Babadook more than we do. Off the back of several columns about the poor performance of Australian films at the local box office, Jennifer Kent’s fabulous debut earned an estimated $633,000 over three days in the UK – significantly more than it took in here during its six-week run.


Boy Stories

Pixar has enjoyed one of the greatest stretches of any studio in history, but if you look closely, like Gif Strips has, all is not so rosy. Judging them by the Bechdel test, the popular gauge for female equality in cinema, only 4 of their 14 movies make the grade, with less than a quarter of all their characters being women.


Christopher's stellar career

From Memento to The Dark Knight to Inception and now Interstellar (in cinemas this week; you can read our review here), director Christopher Nolan has had the quite the career, embodying the dreams of many an ambitious filmmaker and fan-boy alike. Indiewire looks over his nine films and rates them from worst to best.


Injustice League

Just last week the call went out for a woman to direct a major superhero movie: Wonder Woman (of course). The icon has a rich history, but comic book adaptations have been pretty suspect so far in depicting female characters. Grantland’s Molly Lambert wants to know why both just can’t be on the same page.


Christmas stars

It’s a little on the early side, sure, but the New York Times got the scoop on what several actors have done – and watched – with their family during Christmas. Annie's Quvenzhané Wallis hearts Frosty the Snowman, while Rebel Wilson recounts going in blind to see Brokeback Mountain with her two younger siblings.