We sit through certain movies so that you don't have to. Here's a condensed list of the movies that were the biggest test of our staying power this past year.
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22 Dec 2014 - 4:46 PM  UPDATED 31 Dec 2014 - 2:47 PM

THE WORST MOVIES OF 2014 (in alphabetical order)


47 Ronin

Despite a lengthy running time, there's no time for facts, culture or character arcs, in this patchy rework of a fabled Japanese story of heroism and sacrifice. Russell Edwards summed it up when he called it: "lacklustre, stupid and that worst of cinematic crimes—dull".

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The Double

Richard Ayoade knows his film history and he goes to great lengths to make sure you know that he knows it too. His Kafkaesque doppelgänger dramedy, The Double, is made under the sign of Gilliam, and Welles, and Lynch. That's fine, but it would make for a better movie if he did something more, or even something interesting, with the idea of an evil twin usurping your identity.

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Grace of Monaco

Not everything that glitters is gold, folks, especially not this silly saga of a tragic princess. On paper it probably looked like a great idea: Cast this generation's Grace Kelly in the story of how Hitchcock's muse chucked it all in for a luxe life, which in practice, didn't fit the template of a fairytale. What could go wrong? Plenty, in the hands of a ham-fisted director who couldn't translate his one idea into a workable story, and who couldn't elicit the required vulnerability from his leading lady, to make a late film transformation into a perfumed steamroller stick. Dumb, camp, hilarious, terrible.

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Magic In The Moonlight

When you set yourself the challenge to pump out a new movie every 12 months, as Woody Allen has for the last 30 years, it stands to reason that you'll have an off year. And that's certainly true of his recent output. For every Moonlight in Paris, there's a To Rome With Love. Every Match Point has its Snoop. And lo, after Blue Jasmine  we got Magic In The Moonlight. Woody pulls a few hoary old rabbits out of his hat to weave spirituality into a May-December romance between Colin Firth and Emma Stone, which felt as phony as the charlatan she portrayed.

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Winter’s Tale

Hoo boy. What a head scratcher. Colin Farrell put in double duty as a time-shifting thief in this nonsensical adaptation of a much-loved novel. His love for a sweaty, consumptive damsel apparently did something to set off a battle between Good and Evil that was orchestrated by a snarly Will Smith. And a white-winged horsey sprung up to stare down a tic-faced Russell Crowe. A shocker from go to woe.

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