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Monday, 13 July

The Hunt

8:30pm, SBS 2
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Denmark, 2012
Director: Thomas Vinterberg
Starring: Mads Mikkelsen, Thomas Bo Larsen, Annika Wedderkopp
What's it about?
A teacher lives a lonely life, all the while struggling over his son's custody. His life slowly gets better as he finds love and receives good news from his son, but his new luck is about to be brutally shattered by an innocent little lie.

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A Prophet

10:40pm, SBS 2

France, 2009
Director: Jacques Audiard
Starring: Tahar Rahim, Niels Arestrup, Adel Bencherif
What's it about?
A vulnerable young Arabic man gets thrust into a hellish prison, and ironically discovers greater opportunities for success than he ever possessed on the outside. When Malik, a petty criminal, is incarcerated for six years, he is soon co-opted by a brutal Corsican gang to join their criminal activities. He quickly finds he has no other choice than to cooperate. Nominated for the Best Foreign Language Film Oscar in 2010.

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Film Noir

12:10am, SBS
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USA, 2007
Director: D. Jud Jones
Starring: Mark Keller, Bettina Devin, Roger Jackson
What's it about?
Private detective Sam Ruben comes to after a knock in the head underneath the Hollywood sign in Los Angeles. He is suffering from amnesia and beside him lays a dead cop. Now everyone is trying to kill him and he doesn't know why. The classic film noir milieu now comes to you in the form of an animated feature.

A Rational Solution

2:00am, SBS 2
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Sweden, 2009
Director: Jörgen Bergmark
Starring: Stina Ekblad, Rolf Lassgård, Claes Ljungmark, Pernilla August
What's it about?
Four of Sweden's top actors anchor Jörgen Bergmark's tragi-comedy about a couple, both marriage counsellors, who find themselves in deep water when the husband falls for his best friend's wife. A smart, funny film made for adults. Nominated for Best Film at the 2009 Ghent International Film Festival.


Tuesday, 14 July

Tales from the Golden Age

12:25am, SBS 2
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Romania, 2009
 Hanno Hofer, Cristian Mungiu, Constantin Popescu, Ioana Uricaru, Razvan Marculescu
 Tania Popa, Diana Cavallioti, Radu Iacoban
What's it about?
Six whimsical short stories, each one set in the late communist period in Romania and based on urban myths from the time, reflecting the perspective of ordinary people. The title of the film refers to the alleged 'Golden Age' of the last 15 years of Ceausescu's regime. Screened in the Un Certain Regard section at Cannes, 2009.


Wednesday, 15 July

Safety Not Guaranteed

8:30pm, SBS 2
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USA, 2012
Director: Colin Trevorrow
Starring: Aubrey Plaza, Mark Duplass, Jake Johnson
What's it about?
A disaffected magazine intern befriends an unusual man who is looking for a partner to accompany him on a trip back through time. The trip innocently starts out as a story assignment, however the course events turn the journey into something much more.

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The Door

10:05pm, SBS 2

Germany, 2009
Director: Anno Saul
Starring: Mads Mikkelsen, Jessica Schwarz, Valeria Eisenbart
What's it about?
An artist lives in despair after being responsible for the death of his young daughter. But he soon discovers a door that provides a passage back in time, and the opportunity to change the past and avert the tragedy. However, all is not as it seems, and any chance of redemption comes with the risk of eternal damnation. Based on the novel by Akif Pirrincci.

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A Frozen Flower

1:00am, SBS 2
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South Korea, 2007
Director: Ha Yu
Starring: Jin-mo Ju, Ji-hyo Song, In-seong Jo
What's it about?
A lush historical drama set in Korea’s Koryo dynasty, and centred on the relationship between a homosexual king and his bodyguard. When the king is unable to father a male heir to the throne with his wife, he tasks his long-time gay lover with the job. A love triangle ensues that threatens a bloody resolution


Thursday, 16 July

My Kid Could Paint That

9:35pm, SBS 2

USA, 2007
Director: Amir Bar-Lev
Starring: Marla Olmstead, Laura Olmstead, Mark Olmstead
What's it about?
Most four-year-olds make paintings that hang on the refrigerator in their parents' kitchen, but by that age Marla Olmstead already had her first gallery show in Binghamton, New York. Born in 2000, Marla first picked up a paint brush when she was a year old, following the example of her father, an amateur painter, and soon Marla's work was displayed around the United States. But some have questioned if Marla's parents were pushing their child and exploiting her talents for their own benefit.

Secret Sunshine

1:05am, SBS 2
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South Korea, 2007
Director: Chang-dong Lee
Starring: Do-yeon Jeon, Song Kang-ho, Jo Yeong-jin
What's it about?
After losing her husband, a woman with a young son moves to a small Korean town called Miryang for a new start. Soon after settling in the town, her boy is kidnapped and murdered. She struggles to find answers to the tragedy. Nominated for the Palme D'or and winner of Best Actress at Cannes, 2007.


Friday, 17 July

The Last Circus

2:00am, SBS
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Spain, 2010
Director: Álex de la Iglesia
Starring: Carlos Areces, Antonio de la Torre, Carolina Bang
What's it about?
Natalia, a beautiful young trapeze artist, must decide between her lust for Sergio, the brutish Happy Clown, or her affection for Javier, the sensitive Sad Clown, both of whom are deeply disturbed. Winner of three awards at the 2010 Venice Film Festival, including Best Director and Best Screenplay.

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Saturday, 18 July

Un Secret

1:35am, SBS 2

France, 2007
Director: Claude Miller
Starring: Cécile De France, Patrick Bruel, Mathieu Amalric
What's it about?
Francois is a sickly boy growing up in post-WWII France. His parents are athletic and obsessed with sport. Francois imagines he has a brother who is the exact opposite of him: handsome, athletic and forceful. At age 15, a neighbour reveals a dark family secret: Francois did indeed have a brother from his father's previous marriage. Gradually a dark tale emerges of an extended Jewish family torn apart during the Nazi occupation.


Sunday, 19 July


9:30pm, NITV
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Australia, 1993
Director: James Ricketson
Starring: John Moore, David Ngoombujarra, Ernie Dingo
What's it about?
Based on The Day of The Dog by Archie Weller, this film tells of an Aboriginal man caught between his allegiance to his people and his aspirations to escape the cycle of self-destructive behaviour. Won the AFI Award for Best Actor in a Supporting Role (David Ngoombujarra ) and Best Screenplay.

Maiko Haaaan!!!

1:40am, SBS 2

Japan, 2007
Director: Nobuo Mizuta
Starring: Sadawo Abe, Shinichi Tsutsumi, Koh Shibasaki
What's it about?
Kimihiko Onizuka is a salaryman infatuated with maiko (apprentice geisha) and whose greatest goal in life is to play a party game called 'yakyuken' with one. He is finally able to indulge in his obsession when he is transferred to his company's branch in Kyoto - the epicentre of geisha culture.



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