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Monday 4 April

The Beach

9:25pm, SBS 2

UK/USA, 1999
Director: Danny Boyle
Starring: Leonardo DiCaprio, Virginie Ledoyen, Guillaume Canet, Tilda Swinton
What's it about?
In this adaptation of Alex Garland's 1996 eponymous bestseller by Danny Boyle (Trainspotting), Leonardo DiCaprio stars as brash young American traveller Richard (a role initially destined to Ewan McGregor, who had played in three of Boyle's movies). Searching for exotic experiences, Richard leads his newfound friends, a French backpacking couple (Guillaume Canet and Virginie Ledoyen), to a secret island paradise off the coast of Thailand, only to find that those who discovered paradise first are willing to kill to keep it for themselves. Three years following the mega success in Titanic, Leo proves once again his talent on this journey to a deceptive paradise.

The Beach review

Trader Games

11:35pm, SBS2
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France, 2010
Director: Fabrice Genestal
Starring: Gilles Lellouche, Vahina Giocante, Charles Berling, Michael Madsen
What's it about?
When hot young trader Erwan (Gilles Lellouche, Point Blank) realises the work of Sybille (Vahina Giocante, Lila Says), a climate researcher, applies to market fluctuations he takes a risk and begins to apply his theory at his job. But when his superiors don’t allow enough time to test it properly, he takes a huge loss and he is fired. With nothing to lose, and the help of Sybille, he launches his own company and starts to win very big. But how long will his fame and fortune last, before his bubble bursts?


Monday 11 April

Metro Manila

9:25pm, SBS 2
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Philippines, 2013
Director: Sean Ellis
Starring: Jake Macapagal, John Arcilla, Althea Vega
What's it about?
This social drama/thriller by British director Sean Ellis (Cashback) won the Audience Award at Sundance and was selected as the British entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 86th Academy Awards. Seeking a better life, Oscar Ramirez and his family decide to move from the poverty stricken rice fields of the Northern Philippine mountain ranges and journey towards the capital mega city of Metro Manila. Upon arriving in the big city, it isn't long before they fall foul to various city inhabitants whose manipulative ways are a daily part of city survival. After landing a job as a driver for a truck company, he befriends Ong who forces Oscar to help in a robbery of the company. 

Britain sends Filipino film Metro Manila to the Oscars

The Devil's Double

11:30pm, SBS 2
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Belgium, 2011
Director: Lee Tamahori
Starring: Dominic Cooper, Ludivine Sagnier, Raad Rawi
What's it about?
English actor gives an impressive performance as both Uday Hussein, Sadam's rich playboy son and the man he hires as his body double. When army lieutenant Latif Yahia is summoned to Saddam’s palace in Baghdad, he is faced with an impossible request – to be Uday’s 'fiday’ – his body double, or have his family condemned to death. In a world entrenched in betrayal and corruption, knowing who to trust becomes a matter of life or death for Latif, as he battles to escape from his forced existence.


Monday 18 April


9:25pm, SBS 2

USA, 2012
Director: Oliver Stone
Starring: Taylor Kitsch, Blake Lively, Trevor Donovan, Salma Hayek, Benicio Del Toro, John Travolta
What's it about?
Entrepreneurs Ben and friend Chon run a lucrative, homegrown marijuana business, and live a happy life in California with their shared girlfriend Ophelia. That is until the Mexican Baja Cartel, headed by a ruthless Salma Hayek, demands that the trio partners with them. But Ben and Chon refuse and, with the reluctant assistance of a dirty DEA agent (John Travolta), decide to wage a seemingly unwinnable war against the cartel. Directed by Oliver Stone (Natural Born Killers) and adapted from the acclaimed book by American crime novelist Don Winslow (who also wrote the screenplay). 

Savages Review

Miss Bala

11:50pm, SBS 2
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Mexico, 2010
Director: Gerardo Naranjo
Starring: Stephanie Sigman, Irene Azuela, Jose Yenque
What's it about?
Laura is a young woman whose only dream is to become a beauty queen. When she enters the Miss Baja California competition, she meets drug-trafficker Lino and is pulled into the criminal underworld after witnessing a series of horrific murders. Soon the beautiful Laura is an unwilling participant in the rampant drug world of Mexico. Based on a true story, this acclaimed film produced by actors Gael García Bernal and Diego Luna premiered at the Cannes Film Festival 2011.

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Monday 25 April

The Reluctant Fundamentalist

9:25pm, SBS 2
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UK, 2013
Director: Mira Nair
Starring: Riz Ahmed, Kiefer Sutherland, Kate Hudson
What's it about?
Changez (Riz Ahmed, from Four Lions and soon to star in the next Star Wars) is living the American dream; at the top of his class at Princeton, The Pakistani is snapped up by an elite 'valuation' firm. He thrives on the energy of New York, and his infatuation with the beautiful Erica (Kate Hudson) promises entry into Manhattan society at the same exalted level once occupied by his own family back in Lahore. But in the wake of September 11, Changez finds his position in his adopted city suddenly overturned, and his budding relationship with Erica eclipsed by the reawakened ghosts of her past... With this beautifully-handled adaptation of Mohsin Hamid's best seller, Indian filmmaker Mira Nair (Monsoon Wedding) explores what it means to be a Muslim in the post 9/11 society. 

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Viva Riva!

11:50pm, SBS 2
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The Democratic Republic of Congo, 2010
Director: Djo Munga
Starring: Marlene Longange, Hoji Fortuna, Manie Malone
What's it about?
This stylish, sexy thriller, which won awards around the world, brings the city of Kinshasa to life on the screen as a mix of lawless shantytowns, bordellos and nightclubs. Riva is a small-time criminal who has just returned to his hometown in the Congo with a fortune from stolen Angolan gasoline. Riva lives the high life on his wads of cash but when he falls for the mistress of the local kingpin, he makes some powerful enemies.


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