• Youth Week Competition finalists: Anthony, Caitlin, Stephanie, Atak and Taz. (SBS)
Meet the winners of the SBS National Youth Week 2016 competition and watch their inspiring stories in these 1-minute short films.
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8 Apr 2016 - 10:34 AM  UPDATED 8 Apr 2016 - 11:32 AM

This National Youth Week (8-17th April), SBS is giving young Australians a platform to share their stories of identity.

Earlier this year, SBS Outreach launched a competition inviting 14-20 year olds to submit a video pitch for a chance to make a one minute film for SBS. The response was overwhelming with many inspiring stories entered from across the nation. The five winners attended a residential workshop in Melbourne and with the help of SBS and FYA (the Foundation for Young Australians) produced the following five films. They will air on SBS2, NITV and the Food Network during Youth Week (8th-17th April) and you can watch the films, and learn more about winners, below. 



Stephanie Kurlow, 14, a young woman from Sydney dreams of being the world’s first professional hijab wearing ballerina. She overcomes the negative comments of twitter trolls through her passion and dedication to dance.

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Caitlin Gerkin, 18, a young artist on the Autism Spectrum uses an analogy of the “Chinese Room” thought experiment to explain how she sees the world differently from others.

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Atak's film shows a child soldier in South Sudan, who comforts a fatally injured younger boy with a story about the ocean. Atak Ngor, 18, was born in what is now South Sudan during the Second Sudanese Civil War. He left South Sudan when he was six for Kakuma Refugee camp and some years later, Australia. His film is dedicated to those he left behind.

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Taz Clay, 17, a young Indigenous brotherboy shares his difficult journey to affirming his gender and the importance of speaking out about gender identity.

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Anthony Farah, 20, AKA YouTube Vlogger Captain Fizzman, is having an identity crisis. He turns to the internet to find out what young Lebanese men like him “should” be doing with their lives. This humorous film examines cultural stereotypes in modern-day Australia.

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Find out more about Youth Week on http://www.sbs.com.au/learn/youth-week.

SBS National Youth Week
Find out more about the winners of the SBS National Youth Week Film Competition.