Mikey Nicholson

29 Apr 2016 - 11:52 AM  UPDATED 29 Apr 2016 - 11:52 AM

Honestly, who actually watches deleted scenes and thinks, 'They should have left that in'? No one. 

Well, a recently released blu-ray edition of The Nightmare on Elm Street series with all the additional bells and whistles would usually be par for the course… except this version contains a couple of extended scenes from the original film, with one revealing scene in particular, that haven’t seen the light of day for decades.

According to the website Bloody Disgusting, “Back in 1996, Elite Entertainment gave A Nightmare on Elm Street a Collector’s Edition Laserdisc release, and that was the very first time the aforementioned scenes were made available to the public. The scenes, running just a few minutes total, were subsequently found on a Collector’s Edition VHS of the classic film, but oddly enough, haven’t really been seen or heard from since. 

The scene in question is an extended sequence of Nancy’s mother's revelation about how she and a group of vigilante parents killed Freddy for murdering children, and then the bomb shell is dropped:

“You weren’t always an only child. But he can’t get you now. He’s dead honey because mummy killed him. I even took his knives.”

While it doesn’t flip the film entirely on its head, it does add an extra layer to Freddy's motivations for zeroing in on Nancy, Glen (Johnny Depp), Rod (Jsu Garcia), and Tina (Amanda Wyss). He'd already killed all of their siblings. And for Nancy? Now it's personal; Other than trying to not get killed, she's also now avenging her dead brother or sister. 

Maybe those deleted scenes on all your DVDs are important after all.

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