• The Honest Trailer for 'Deadpool' is here. (20th Century Fox)Source: 20th Century Fox
Screen Junkies have released their Honest Trailer for 'Deadpool', and it's almost more in-your-face than the film.
Shami Sivasubramanian

11 May 2016 - 10:46 AM  UPDATED 11 May 2016 - 10:47 AM

Honest Trailers, by the YouTube channel Screen Junkies that produces parody film trailers for big blockbuster movies, has just released its latest trailer - a long-awaited parody of the superhero action comedy Deadpool.

But unlike their other famous trailers, this honest trailer has a twist. It features a cameo from Ryan Reynolds in character as Deadpool, which he himself describes as "so meta".



The video includes iconic trailer voice-overs voiced by both the regular Honest Trailers voice-over artist and Deadpool, who puts on a deep movie trailer-esque voice.

Apart from the addition of the Deadpool cameo, this trailer in all other aspects follows the same structure as the channel's other honest trailers.

After a brief intro, the trailer voice gets into the snarky, harsh commentary on the film, a trope that has made the video series the famous web series it is. 

"... Fox's hugely successful comic book movie that never would have been made if someone behind-the-scenes didn't fearlessly leak the test footage. And even then, still never would have been made it if fans hadn't demanded Fox grow a pair and release the entire movie," the voice-over says towards the beginning of the honest trailer.

With his "signature fourth wall breaking", Deadpool tells the viewers he's only here in this video "slumming it out"  to promote the film's release to BluRay and DVD. 

The trailer ends with the iconic re-imagined "honest" cast credits, a trope Deadpool admits Fox "borrowed" for Honest Trailers.

Deadpool 2 was confirmed to be in the works, with director Tim Miller already committed to the project. Fox's co-chairman, Stacey Snider, announced the news at CinemaCon last April.


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