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Check out the newly released photos of the ‘Warcraft’ actors in CGI and non-CGI side-by-sides.
Mikey Nicholson

17 May 2016 - 11:52 AM  UPDATED 10 Jun 2016 - 3:12 PM

If having sequel after sequel and remake after remake wasn’t enough for Hollywood, we’re now getting movies made from video games because there’s no originality left in the industry, right? 

At least a film like Warcraft gives the special effects people a chance to really show off their skills and that’s pretty much going to be the best part of this movie. 

In the lead up to Warcraft’s June release, Industrial Light & Magic have released a set of photos, through Collider, of the actors with their CGI and non-CGI selves next to each other - and the results? Well they're pretty spectacular.

Starring a mix of humans and orcs, Dominic Cooper and Aussie Travis Fimmel are CGI-less humans, while the heavily CGI-ed stars include Paula Patton, Daniel Wu, Terry Notary, Toby Kebbel, Dean Redman, Elena Wurlitzer, Anna Galvin, Michael Adamthwaite and Robert Kazinsky.

Let’s hope the $100 million budget wasn’t just used on CGI and there’s an actual quality story to follow… but don’t hold your breath. 

Check out more of the images from Collider here.


Warcraft will be released in Australia on June 16.


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