• The #StarringJohnCho hashtag on Twitter highlighting whitewashing in Hollywood. (Twitter)Source: Twitter
The actor also talked about African-American racism, Asian stereotypes and attitudes towards women.
Sarah Norton

23 May 2016 - 12:25 PM  UPDATED 23 May 2016 - 12:25 PM

#StarringJohnCho has been making its way around the Twittersphere, shedding light on whitewashing in Hollywood.

#StarringJohnCho: What Hollywood would look like with a leading Asian actor
A social movement shedding light on the whitewashing in Hollywood blockbusters.

John Cho’s face has been photoshopped into many lead male roles on posters and movie covers, highlighting the lack of Asian male lead characters in Hollywood blockbusters.

The man himself was not behind the campaign, but he has responded to the hashtag with his name attached to it, making waves online.

The 43-year-old actor thought the idea was brilliant and loved that it spurred an important discussion that no one would be having otherwise. It sparked a huge conversation about Hollywood and the industry’s bias toward white male lead actors and lack of male Asian lead actors.

“People really did have that discussion, and it did get people thinking about it. I felt like it was me on the poster but it wasn’t really about me. I really dig it,” he told Yahoo7!.

The actor said it had made him reflect on how people think about race and minorities. He explained that in the US, people are very aware of racism against African-Americans because of a very dark period in history with slavery. Cho says that because it is at the forefront of people’s minds, people often talk about the issue of African-American racism.

"Preconceived notions and stereotypes of Asians is something people don't think about or recognise. It's a similar attitude towards women. There's so much chauvinism in the world and patriarchal viewpoints, but it's so embedded in our culture that people don't even realise,” he told Yahoo7!.

Cho points out that the #StarringJohnCho hashtag is throwing the issue of Asian racism at people and forcing them to question whether they’re really aware that it’s happening.

Responses from people have been incredibly supportive.


A hashtag, #StarringConstanceWu, has also started circulating.


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