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7 Jul 2016 - 3:40 PM  UPDATED 8 Aug 2016 - 5:53 PM


Down Under review: Cronulla riot racism comedy swings, misses
Review: 'Under the Sun' is an intriguing and grimly amusing look at North Korea
An expose of the façade of prosperity that North Korea wants to present to the world.
Review: 'Aquarius' is a poetic protest film
The story of a Brazilian widow's face-off against dirty developers is a treasure, with a message that should play well with Sydneysiders.
Review: Personal Shopper: Kristen Stewart is a rare medium in existential ghost drama
Olivier Assayas’ Personal Shopper is an existential ghost story for people who say they don’t like scary movies.
Weiner review: a sobering look at Anthony Weiner’s implosion
One of the best of its kind
Cannes: Face to face with the 'Neon Demon'
The psycho supermodels of 'Neon Demon' had nothing on those baying for blood when it screened last night.
Review: The Handmaiden: The Korean gothic lesbian revenge thriller that’s captivated Cannes
Park Chan-Wook's 'The Handmaiden' takes a 2002 historical crime novel set in Victorian England and places it in 1930s Korea under Japanese colonialism.



James Schamus and Logan Lerman on Philip Roth novel adaptation 'Indignation'
Director James Schamus and actor Logan Lerman talk to Helen Barlow about their upcoming movie 'Indignation', adapted from Philip Roth's novel, and currently screening at MIFF.
Alain Guiraudie talks sex, death and the weird Australian links to 'Staying Vertical'
The French director of 'Stranger By The Lake' is back with another bold tale, as 'Staying Vertical' makes its Australian debut at the Melbourne International Film Festival.
Rebecca Daly and Rachel Griffiths on 'Mammal' (and that bathtub sex scene)
Writer/director Rebecca Daly and actress Rachel Griffiths talk to Helen Barlow about their upcoming film 'Mammal', screening at the 2016 MIFF.
Alice Englert on her move from acting to directing, and working with her mother Jane Campion
Alice Englert, who stars in the upcoming 'The Rehearsal' screening at MIFF, talks to Helen Barlow about growing up on movie sets, working with her mother Jane Campion, and directing her own films.
'Down Under' director on race riots, dark humour and the rise of Pauline Hanson
Abe Forsythe, director of controversial black comedy 'Down Under', talks to Stephen A. Russell about what drew him to write about the 2005 Cronulla riots, and why its subject matter is more relevant now than ever.
'Life Animated' director on the transformative power of storytelling and making Disney execs cry
'Life Animated' director Roger Ross Williams talks to Stephen A. Russell about the extraordinary story of a young autistic boy, whose life was transformed by Disney films.
Terence Davies talks the power of perseverance and his latest elegy for the past, 'Sunset Song'
The uncompromising writer-director talks about how his early influences have shaped his filmography.
'Maybe more people will think twice before they go and get tickled in LA.' - 'Tickled' director David Farrier
The year's most talked-about documentary 'Tickled' explores the dark world of competitive endurance tickling.



Top 10 picks of MIFF 2016
MIFF Artistic Director Michelle Carey selects her top 10 picks from MIFF 2016
SBS On Demand: MIFF Top 10 movies
Can't make it to the Melbourne International Film Festival this year? Relive past nightlights in this special SBS On Demand collection curated by festival organisers.