British provocateur's look at the Church of Scientology will open in September.
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20 Jul 2016 - 4:17 PM  UPDATED 20 Jul 2016 - 4:18 PM

Louis Theroux's documentary about the Church of Scientology will have a limited cinema run in Australia after its screenings at the Melbourne International Film Festival. 

Louis Theroux: My Scientology Movie will be released around Australia from September 8 ahead of Theroux’s national live tour later in the month.

In his first feature documentary, the British broadcaster explores the Church of Scientology and speaks to high-profile former members such as former second-in-command, Mark ‘Marty’ Rathbun. He uses actors to replay incidents people claim they experienced with high profile members such as Tom Cruise and leader David Miscavige.

Louis Theroux: My Scientology Movie is a collaboration with director John Dower and two-time Academy Award winning producer Simon Chinn (Searching for Sugar Man, Man on Wire).

The new teaser for Louis Theroux's Scientology movie is tense and infuriating
The new clip illustrates the difficulties Theroux faced while filming "My Scientology Movie" as they attempt to block him from accessing the Sea Org, despite having a permit to do so.

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