The 'Weiner' star is embroiled in yet another sexting scandal.
Bianca Soldani

29 Aug 2016 - 4:27 PM  UPDATED 30 Aug 2016 - 11:19 AM

The political documentary Weiner has been doing the rounds of the international film festivals circuit all year (including sold-out sessions in both Sydney and Melbourne) so there’s been plenty of chatter about one time New York mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner.

The former democratic congressman very publicly fell from grace not once, but twice, as a result of two major sexting scandals since 2011. And he's just been caught at it again.

Weiner’s latest image found its way into the New York Post on Monday and features a close up view of his budging underwear while his five-year-old son lies beside him.

It was sent as part of a flirty text message exchange with a 40-something woman while he was caring for his son. His wife Huma Abedin was travelling as part of Hillary Clinton's campaign at the time.

Weiner has been in contact with the other woman since early 2015 but she claims they have never met in person. They first got in contact via Twitter and have a history of sending photos to each other.

Weiner the documentary, which is out on DVD through Madman Films on September 7, offers extraordinary access inside the politician’s doomed 2013 campaign to become the mayor of New York. As the film details in excruciating detail, Weiner's ambitions were spectacularly undermined by his second sexting scandal in as many years.

The first led to his resignation from congress in 2011 and a promise to undergo rehabilitation.

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