• The Swagman, played by Tony Martin In "Girt By Fear". (Supplied/Girt By Fear)Source: Supplied/Girt By Fear
If Halloween's got you in the mood for scary stories, settle in for some homegrown horror.
Alyssa Braithwaite, Laura Morelli

4 Nov 2016 - 10:52 AM  UPDATED 8 Nov 2016 - 12:04 PM

Girt by Fear is a six-part horror-comedy web series about the strange and supernatural terrors lurking in the suburbs of Sydney. The series is set around Australia’s loosest Halloween party: one night, one city, young and free. 

A group of emerging filmmakers keen to get their work in front of an audience, created the concept of a horror anthology for the 21st century, deeply rooted in Australian youth culture. 

Directors/producers Yiani Andrikidis, David Ma, Madeleine Purdy, writer/producer Joel Perlgut and producer Josh Vines shot the series over the course of a year, in locations around Sydney. They bill the series as 'High Maintenance meets Goosebumps with a healthy dose of Australiana, or a little something along the lines of Round the Twist but for adults'. 


Rise of the internet

In episode 1 (Nightmare on Australia Street), Mikey’s pretty stoked about his upcoming Halloween party, but just as the Facebook event is about to go live, the Wi-Fi cuts out.

There’s something wrong with the internet. Something dark. Something creepy… Be prepared for a play on how people are so consumed by the internet and how easily you can get sucked into it.


Like most other normal teenagers, Andy doesn’t always see eye to eye with his parents. They’re first generation immigrants, stuck in their ways. Sometimes he even feels like they’re from another planet.

In this second episode (It Came From Outer Suburbia), watch out for supernatural takeovers and walking in the skin of others with some seriously gruesome special effects.

Next-level hipsters

From Melbourne’s café snobs to Bondi’s beard bearing brigade… they’re taking over and making sure they post about it on their Insta accounts.

This third episode (Only Wankers Left Alive) features nasty art school wankers Taylor and Flower who suck the life out of everything.

While smashing free merlots at a gallery opening, the duo befriends a beautiful Hungarian who’s got a little more bite than your average glass of red.

Finally meeting their match, expect to see a whole lot of tooth and blood stained sheets.

Sore losers

Aussies are always up for a punt. It's the Australian way of life. There’s no doubt that when there’s a bet there’s fierce competition and fair dinkum when there’s a rightful winner. But no one wants to be a loser, and there’s no denying we’ve all told a white lie to get ahead.

This series teaches us the dangers of being a sore loser. In episode 5 (I Was a Teenage Chogmog), when an old bloke down at the pub challenges Chas, a young silly boy to a game of two up, he can't resist.

This is the type of game that brings out his true colours, and it wont leave anyone howling with laugher. 

Organic horrors

Australians are all about clean eating. In almost every café there’s an organic food selection with a fresh pressed juice on the side.

In episode 4 (Little Sharehouse of Horrors), Maeve’s all about healthy living. She grows her own veggies, she buys organic… but there’s something strange about the edible pot plant she got from the store.

This film is a reminder that just because it’s vegan doesn’t mean it won’t hurt you.

All six episodes of Girt by Fear are available to watch free now.

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