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Some of the films in the image above may have already expired, and been removed from the list.  'Play' button on image not appearing? The film has just expired, sorry. 


If I Want to Whistle, I Whistle

Romania, 2010
Genre: Drama
Language: Romanian
Director: Florin Serban
Starring: Marian Bratu, Mihai Constantin, Ada Condeescu
What's it about?
Two weeks before his release from a youth penitentiary, Silviu learns that his ne'er-do-well mother has returned home to Romania to take his little brother back to Italy. In his desperation to stop his mother, Silviu resorts to violence, and takes a young social worker hostage. The tense drama manages to weave unexpected humour into the mix, in its exploration of the concept of 'freedom'.

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Café du Pont

France, 2010
Genre: Comedy, Drama, History
Language: French
Director: Manuel Poirier
Starring: Bernard Campan, Cécile Rebboah, Thomas Durastel
What's it about?
During WWII, on the banks of the Garonne, workers, sailors and philosophers gather at the Café du Pont to do their bit for The Resistance. Ten-year-old Pierrot's parents dedicate all their time and energy to the place, and Pierrot knows that his father discreetly carries out brave actions and that his mother can settle any conflict (in her own way). An authentic recreation of '40s rural France, based on the real story of French musician Pierre Perret.

In the Loop

United Kingdom, 2010
Genre: Comedy
Language: English
Director: Armando Iannucci
Starring: Peter Capaldi, James Gandolfini, Tom Hollander
What's it about?
Write a cheque for the swear jar and settle in for this hilarious spin-off to the BBC political comedy The Thick of It. It stars Peter Capaldi as the PM's Director of Communications, who desperately tries to fix the fallout from ill-advised comments from a gaffe-prone junior minister, which threatens the Special relationship between the US and the UK, and increases the likelihood of war in the Middle East. 

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25 Carat

Spain, 2008
Genre: Thriller
Language: Spanish
Director: Patxi Amezcua
Starring: Francesc Garrido, Aida Folch, Manuel Morón
What's it about?
Abel is a boxer turned debt collector who is struggling to provide for his young son. When he falls in love with beautiful car thief Kay, the couple plans a fresh start. To fund their new law-abiding life, however, they conspire for one last big score. The resulting fiasco takes them on a rough ride through the gritty Barcelona underworld. 

White Material

France, 2009
Genre: Drama
Language: French
Director: Claire Denis
Starring: Isabelle Huppert, Christopher Lambert, Isaach De Bankolé 
What's it about?
Isabelle Huppert, woman of the moment and Oscar-nominated French legend, stars as a wilful plantation owner who refuses to leave her land when war and racial tensions tip the (unnamed) African nation into chaos. A beautiful and harrowing film by acclaimed French director Claire Denis. 

White Material Review
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The Double Hour

Italy, 2009
Genre: Drama, Mystery, Thriller
Language: Italian, Spanish
Director: Giuseppe Capotondi
Starring: Kseniya Rappoport, Filippo Timi, Antonia Truppo
What's it about?
Eastern European Sonia movies to Turin and wants to find a boyfriend. Her experience of speed-dating is underwhelming to say the least, until she meets Guido, an ex-cop turned security guard who has been making the rounds of the singles' scene for a while. Against all odds, the two hit it off and a romance quickly develops.

The Double Hour Review

Winter's Bone

United States, 2010
Genre: Drama
Language: English
Director: Debra Granik
Starring: John Hawkes, Garret Dillahunt, Jennifer Lawrence
What's it about?
Jennifer Lawrence scored her first Oscar nomination for this independent movie by Debra Granik. In her breakthrough role, she plays an unflinching Ozark teenager, who asks unwanted questions of her secretive neighbours, as she hunts down her deadbeat father so as to save the family home from being repossessed. 

Winter's Bone Review
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White as Snow

Belgium, 2010
Genre: Thriller
Language: French
Director: Christophe Blanc
Starring: François Cluzet, Louise Bourgoin, Bouli Lanners
What's it about?
François Cluzet (The Intouchables) stars in this fast-paced thriller set in Finland. He plays Maxime, the married manager of flourishing upmarket car dealership. His comfortable lifestyle comes under threat when a business associate is murdered by criminals. When the gang comes after him, Maxime looks to his wayward brothers for help.

The Red Baron

Germany, 2008
Genre: Action, War
Language: English
Director: Nikolai Müllerschön
Starring: Matthias Schweighöfer, Til Schweiger, Lena Headey, Joseph Fiennes
What's it about?
Baron Manfred von Richthofen is the most feared and celebrated pilot of the German air force in World War I. To him, air combat is more of a sport than an act of war - until a romance resets his priorities.  Caught between his disgust for the war, and the responsibility for his fighter wing, von Richthofen sets out to fly again.  

The Red Baron Review


Love and Rage

Denmark, 2000
Genre: Drama
Language: Danish
Director: Morten Giese
Starring: Dejan Cukic, Sara Hjort Ditlevsen, Cyron Bjørn Melville
What's it about?
This taut psychological drama tracks a fragile young piano student's descent into madness. Daniel is talented musician who falls in love with Sofie. As the romance blossoms, Daniel begins to grow jealous and possessive around her - to the point of obsession. 

A Matter of Heart

Italy, 2009
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Language: Italian
Director: Francesca Archibugi
Starring: Antonio Albanese, Kim Rossi Stuart, Micaela Ramazzotti
What's it about?
Garage owner Angelo and big-time film producer Alberto find themselves occupying neighbouring beds in a Rome hospital after suffering heart attacks. Alberto is a gregarious joker - and chain smoker - who has a strong effect on the impressionable Angelo. However, as one of the men's condition deteriorates, the other becomes more deeply involved in his personal life. 

Largo Winch

France, Belgium, 2008
Genre: Adventure, Thriller
Language: French, Serbian, Portuguese
Director: Jérôme Salle
Starring: Tomer Sisley, Mélanie Thierry, Anne Consigny, Gilbert Melki
What's it about?
Based on the successful '90s Belgian comic books of the same name, this fast-paced corporate thriller follows the adventures of the reluctant heir of billionaire who dies in suspicious circumstances. In the aftermath, Largo has to contend with drug traffickers, assassins, militia fighters and back-stabbing traders to fulfill his destiny at the head of his father's corporation.

The Regatta

Luxembourg, 2009
Genre: Drama
Language: French
Director: Bernard Bellefroid
Starring: Joffrey Verbruggen, Sergi López, Thierry Hancisse 
What's it about?
Fifteen-year-old Alex lives alone with his abusive dad, and finds release in rowing. He focuses on winning the Belgian Singles Championships at any cost, and it fills to both his coach, and the young girl Alex is in love with, to help Alex rediscover the human values he has lost.

The Day God Walked Away

Belgium, 2009
Genre: Drama, History
Language: French
Director: Philippe Van Leeuw
Starring: Ruth Nirere, Laetitia Reva, Pierrick Le Pochat
What's it about?
A wrenching drama about a young woman caught up in the midst of the brutal Rwandan civil war. Tensions between Tutsis and Hutus have been simmering for years when they finally explode in the spring of 1994. As roving bands of Hutus go on a murderous rampage, Jacqueline, a young Tutsi woman, is forced to hide in her employer's attic. Inspired by actual events. 


A Waltz Through the Hills

Australia, 1988
Genre: TV Movie, Adventure, Drama, Family
Language: English
Director: Frank Arnold
Starring: Dan O'Herlihy, Ernie Dingo, Andre Jansen
What's it about?
When Sammy Dean and her older brother Andy are suddenly orphaned, they fear that they will be separated and placed in foster homes. So they set off along on foot, hoping to reach a ship that will take them to England and their only surviving relatives. The two young runaways must make their dangerous journey through some of the world’s harshest terrain- the wilds of the Australian outback.


Teenage Kicks

Australia, 2016
Genre: Drama
Language: English
Director: Craig Boreham
Starring: Miles Szanto, Daniel Webber, Anni Finsterer, Shari Sebbens
What's it about?
An evocative exploration of grief, family, friendships and sexuality. Adapted from short film Drowning, the coming-of-age story Teenage Kicks set in Sydney follows Miklós 'Mik' Varga, a 17 year-old whose plans to head north, come out and start a life with his best friend Dan are disrupted by his brother Tomi's sudden death. Only Mik knows the backstory to the tragedy, and he has to navigate his guilt and explosive sexuality in order to move forward with his own life. 

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