A selection of candid 'vox pop'-style interviews with audiences members after screenings, broadcast on The Movie Show in the 1980s and 90s.
Ian Barr

21 Jun 2017 - 2:26 PM  UPDATED 21 Jun 2017 - 2:26 PM

It's commonly accepted that everyone's a critic, but what about in the pre-internet days, when there wasn't a comments section to sound off in? Occasionally, SBS's The Movie Show would let the moviegoing public have their say, especially when the show's mail response indicated a significant disparity between the views of David Stratton and Margaret Pomeranz and the rest of the country. Taking a mic and camera outside theatres after screenings, 'vox pop' interviews were conducted with audience members fresh from the dark of the theatre - revealing some eloquent, opinionated speakers, as well as a whole lot of people chuffed just to be on camera (and in nearly every case, truly eye-catching clothing and hairstyles). 

Portrayal of Asia in Western Movies

Margaret speaks to festivalgoers about the best and worst of Western film about Asia. The Movie Show Episode 09 1993

Margaret asks attendees of the Singapore Film Festival in 1993 about the best and worst representations of Asia in western cinema. Choice quote: "I can't tell you what I thought is the worst film on Asia, because there are so many."

Crocodile Dundee 2

The Movie Show speaks to viewers about Crocodile Dundee 2. The Movie Show Episode 19 1988

Tepid responses for the follow-up to the runaway Aussie smash ("It didn't have any of the charm of the first one, I'm afraid.")

Distant Voices, Still Lives

The Movie Show speaks to audiences about Distant Voices, Still Lives. The Movie Show Episode 09 1989

Terence Davies' fragmented memoir of growing up in post-WWII London was rated five stars by both David and Margaret, but the public who rushed to see it on the basis of their raves was split down the middle. "One response is it was above me, but the other possibility is it's just stupid," one viewer memorably quips.

Betrayed + Beaches

The Movie Show speaks to audiences about Betrayed and Beaches. The Movie Show Episode 10 1989

David and Margaret were divided on two films from 1988; the forgotten Tom Berenger/Debra Winger thriller Betrayed, and the beloved Bette Midler weepie Beaches. "Maybe people don't care about the filmmaking qualities of a film, they just want to experience emotion, and Beaches sure gives them emotion," concludes Margaret.

Afraid to Dance

The Movie Show speaks to viewers about Afraid to Dance. The Movie Show Episode 30 1988

Afraid to Dance was a 1988 Australian film seeking local distribution; The Movie Show held a special screening for it to attract interest. The response was generally warm, with one major exception. "The main character had no endearing qualities whatsoever, I just found him quite repulsive."

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