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Benjamin Zeccola takes us on a journey of what it was like to grow up in the Palace Cinemas. Our three-part video series, La Dolce Vita explores the Italian passion in Film, Sport and Food.
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14 Nov 2017 - 9:11 AM  UPDATED 16 Nov 2017 - 3:12 PM
Here is Benjamin Zeccola's Top five picks from our Italy On Demand collection

The Young Pope 

Paolo Sorrentino is a master filmmaker with each new film being more exhilarating than the last, so the idea of Jude Law as a young American Pope was tantalising… and this stunning series did not disappoint! Immediately veering from expectation, Sorrentino expertly directs Law in this fascinating tale of a young yet surprisingly conservative Pope who is divinely inspired to set things right, even if some actions appear evil… Oh no please don’t stop! I’m praying for another season!

Night on Earth 

A Jarmusch Classic! Lose yourself in this incredible film about five different cab rides in five exotic cities around the world.

Backed by an impeccable cast, Night on Earth is both moving and revealing (and often funny) as it shines a light on the universal connectedness of strangers, people and cities.

The Mafia Only Kills in Summer 

In this Black comedy a father aptly calms his nervous son by advising that “its winter now, relax, the mafia only kills in summer!”. Offbeat and gripping, this story of true love and turmoil makes for a captivating mix. 

Romanzo Criminale

Based on the bestselling novel by insider Judge Giancarlo De Cataldo, Romanzo Criminale follows a young gang as they start upping the ante from petty crime to major offences on their way to becoming criminal kingpins.De Cataldo uses his knowledge to accurately depict the criminal underworld of Rome in the 70’s, a time of turmoil in Italian politics as the social fabric is torn between terrorism, socialism, capitalism and chaos.

The Big Blue

Luc Besson’s second foray into directing has resulted in a beautiful and otherworldly story setin the Mediterranean. Free divers plunge to the depths with just their courage and conditioning to protect themselves. Exposed mentally and physically, two rivals push each other into dangerous situations. While underwater everything feels calm and serene, on the surface Rosanna Arquette, Jean Reno and Jean Marc Bar are as charismatic, longing and moody as the film itself.


This video is part of the La Dolce Vita content series presented by Alfa Romeo, exploring the passion points of prominent Italian Australians.

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