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We chat to the hard-working Belgian actress as her new movie opens in Australian cinemas.
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19 Dec 2017 - 5:04 PM  UPDATED 26 Dec 2017 - 3:13 PM

Just To Be Sure, the French rom-com releasing into Australian cinemas on Boxing Day, is a grown-up comedy of errors about family ties and confused parentage, that stays on the straight side of farce, thanks to the performances of its two leads, Francois Damiens and Cécile de France.   

Damiens plays a bomb-disposal expert who needs to apply his professional skills to his personal life, when an explosive revelation discloses that he shares no DNA with his elderly father.  He sets off on a quest to meet his biological father, and along the way, romance starts to spark with a feisty doctor (Anna, played by de France), but the two adventures risk merging in the worst way... once he meets her dad.

In her role as Anna, de France is in top form playing another of the outwardly strong and more-than-a-little fiery characters she’s made her bread and butter over the years. In an interview with SBS’ The Playlist podcast, de France says “I have to be very involved in the story [to say yes to a role]. I really need to be captured by it, like a very, very good book.

“I think it’s intention, that I choose a woman who looks a little bit strong, but is more fragile inside. Of course, it’s more interesting to have a character who has different sides, and who has an appearance and behind there is something more deep and in relief.  I’m listening to my heart.” 

de France calls Just To Be Sure, “a film full of love, tenderness and emotion”,  and says she was most intrigued by director Carine Tardieu’s use of humour to offset the “very deep and very intense subjects” 

“Is there an ideal father? The one who helps you to grow up, or one who just gives you the genes? Can we choose our father? Can we forgive the lie of the one who said he was your father?  It’s a very interesting subject.”

In a wide-ranging interview, de France talks about working with female directors, previews series two of The Young Pope, and reflects on the experience of parodying herself in the French comedy drama Call My Agent! 

Just to Be Sure is in release around Australia from December 26, 2017 through Palace Films. 

Listen to the entire interview with Cecile De France below. (Interview starts 35:02)


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