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These movies at SBS On Demand are guaranteed to raise a sweat.
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Bruna: Surfer Girl

Brazil, 2011
Genre: Biography
Language: Portuguese
Director: Marcus Baldini
Starring: Drica Moraes, Cássio Gabus Mendes, Deborah Secco
What's it about?
Inspired by true events. Raquel (Deborah Secco) is adopted by a wealthy couple in Sao Paulo. Bored at college and feeling rebellious, the 17-year-old decides to run away to become a call girl. Her clients thinks she looks like a beautiful surfer, and she soon starts blogging about her experiences under her nickname Surfistinha (Little Surfer Girl). It's soon one of Brazil’s most popular blogs, and Raquel becomes a national celebrity for her raunchy endeavours.

Room in Rome

MA15+, 2010
Genre: Drama, Romance
Language: English
Director: Julio Medem
Starring: Elena Anaya, Natasha Yarovenko, Enrico Lo Verso
What's it about?
When Alba (Elena Anaya) seduces fellow tourist Natasha (Natasha Yarovenko) in a bar, the two women agree to limit their passionate affair to a one-night encounter in a hotel. Their physical adventure also leads them to share their life stories with each other. 

The Duke of Burgundy

MA 15+, 2015
Genre: Drama
Director: Peter Strickland
Starring: Sidse Babett Knudsen, Chiara D'Anna, Monica Swinn, Eugenia Caruso, Fatma Mohamed, Kata Bartsch
What's it about?
Two women act out a simple yet provocative daily ritual that ends in both pleasure and pain. When one of the women yearns for a more conventional relationship, her partner's obsession with erotic spellmaking quickly becomes an addiction that may push the relationship to its breaking point. 

The Duke of Burgundy review: 70s erotic cinema is resuscitated

Bang Gang (A Modern Love Story)

France, 2015
Genre: Drama
Language: French
Director: Eva Husson
Starring: Marilyn Lima, Daisy Broom, Finnegan Oldfield, Lorenzo Lefèbvre, Fred Hotier, Olivia Lancelot, Manuel Husson, Raphaël Porcheron
What's it about?
In the well-to-do suburbs of a small town, a group of pretty average, well-adjusted sixteen and seventeen year olds push the limits of their sexuality until the nature of their activities is revealed..

Wild Reeds

MA 15+
France, 1994
Genre: Drama, Romance, Foreign
Language: French
Director: Andre Techine
Starring: Gaël Morel, Élodie Bouchez, Stéphane Rideau, Frédéric Gorny, Jacques Nolot, Eric Kreikenmayer, Nathalie Vignes, Michèle Moretti, Michel Ruhl
What's it about?
Set in rural France during the end of the Algerian war, and immersed in the music of the '60s, this film follows four students in friendship and love. Francois's best friend is a girl Maite, but instead he falls in love with a boy Serge, while Serge is falling for Maite. Henri is the outsider, an Algerian-born frenchman who has fled the war, and the catalyst for Francois to find his identity.

Wild Reeds review


Sweden, 2013
Genre: Drama
Language: Swedish
Director: Mani Maserrat Agah
Starring: Gustaf Skarsgard, Anna Åström, Rebecca Ferguson, Sten Ljunggren
What's it about?
Two teachers fall in love and begin a life full of optimism. They delve into a sexual dependency and, bit by bit, everything begins to break down. The only way out is an act of complete humiliation. 

Best in Bed

France, 2014
Genre: Comedy
Language: French
Director: Delphine de Vigan
Starring: Laurence Arné, Eric Elmosnino, Valérie Bonneton
What's it about?
A pretty and seemingly self-assured young woman starts believing that she’s bad in bed after two failed one-night stands, embarking on a mission to transform herself and become the best lay in the land.


There are some provocative TV series inthe collection as well. 

The Girlfriend Experience 

Christine Reade is a second year student at Chicago-Burnham Law School and new intern at a prestigious firm. Working hard to establish herself, her focus quickly shifts when a law school friend introduces her to the world of transactional relationships. Known as GFEs, they are women who provide 'The Girlfriend Experience' - emotional and sexual relationships at a very high price. Juggling two very different lives, Christine quickly finds herself entangled in an ever-broadening web of intrigue and betrayal. It’s a far cry from her childhood in the suburbs of Philadelphia.

Veni Vidi Vici 

A movie director finds his career in decline after his latest film is panned. He is forced into a different part of the industry and gets himself in a whole lot of trouble. Season 1 contains 10 episodes

Call Me Bruna

Based on the true story of Raquel Pacheco, also known as Bruna Surfistinha. Bored with her comfortable life in the suburbs, Raquel decides to make a major lifestyle change, running away from home and heading for the city, where, despite being underage, she soon started working at a high-end brothel, run by an old madam called Stella. Call Me Bruna tells the story of how this young, middle-class girl became the most famous prostitute in São Paolo, Brazil. (Portuguese) Season 1 contains 8 episodes



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