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Holding the Man

MA 15+
Australia, 2015
Genre: Drama
Language: English
Director: Neil Armfield
Starring: Anthony LaPaglia, Ryan Corr, Sarah Snook, Guy Pearce, Craig Stott
What's it about?
Tim and John fell in love while teenagers at their all-boys high school. John was captain of the football team, Tim an aspiring actor playing a minor part in Romeo and Juliet. Their romance endured for 15 years to laugh in the face of everything life threw at it - the separations, the discrimination, the temptations, the jealousies and the losses - until the only problem that love can't solve, tried to destroy them.

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USA, 2015
Genre: Drama
Language: English
Director: Jay Roach
Starring: Bryan Cranston, Diane Lane, Elle Fanning, Helen Mirren, John Goodman
What's it about?
In 1947, Dalton Trumbo was Hollywood's top screenwriter until he and other artists were jailed and blacklisted for their political beliefs. The film recounts how Dalton (played by (Bryan Cranston) used words and wit to win two Academy Awards and expose the absurdity and injustice under the blacklist, which entangled everyone from gossip columnist Hedda Hopper to John Wayne, Kirk Douglas and Otto Preminger.

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The Kids Are All Right

MA 15+
USA 2010
Genre: Comedy
Language: English
Director: Lisa Cholodenko
Starring: Mark Ruffalo, Josh Hutcherson, Annette Bening, Mia Wasikowska, Julianne Moore
What's it about?In this funny, vibrant, and richly drawn portrait of a modern family, Nic and Jules (Annette Bening and Julianne Moore) are two mothers who share a cozy suburban craftsman bungalow with their respective teenage children, Joni and Laser (Mia Wasikowska and Josh Hutcherson). As Joni prepares to leave for college, her younger brother presses her for a big favor. He wants Joni, now 18, to help him find their biological father. Against her better judgment, Joni honors her brother’s request and manages to make contact with “bio-dad” Paul (Mark Ruffalo), an easy-going restauranteur. As Paul comes into the lives of this straight-shooting family, an unexpected new chapter begins for the group as family ties are defined, re-defined, and then re-re-defined.

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We Have a Pope

Italy, France, 2011
Genre: Drama
Language: Italian, French, German
Director: Nanni Moretti
Starring: Nanni Moretti, Michel Piccoli, Jerzy Stuhr
What's it about?
What would happen if a newly elected Pope didn't want the job? Following the death of the Pope, the Conclave meets to elect his successor. A cardinal is chosen who seems unable to bear the weight of such a responsibility. Is it anxiety? Is it depression? Does he feel inadequate? The faithful are waiting for the new Pope to appear on the balcony in St Peter’s Square, while in the Vatican they seek ways to come through the crisis.


New Zealand, 2017
Genre: Documentary
Language: English
Director: Florian Habicht
What's it about?
As night falls at Spookers, dozens of seemingly ordinary people become freaks, zombies and chainsaw-wielding clowns. Every weekend, come rain, hail, or shine, this diverse group of amateur performers unite to terrify punters at the southern hemisphere's largest scare park, situated in a former psychiatric hospital. Director Florian Habicht reveals the transformation and paradoxically lifesaving power of belonging to a community that celebrates fear.

The Mission

United Kingdom, 1986
Genre: Drama
Language: English, Guarani, Latin, Spanish
Director: Roland Joffé
Starring: Aidan Quinn, Liam Neeson, Robert De Niro, Jeremy Irons
What's it about?
Set to a soaring soundtrack by Ennio Morricone, this Oscar-winning film follows a Spanish Jesuit priest, Father Gabriel (Jeremy Irons) in the 1750s, who enters the South American jungle to build a mission and convert a community of Guaraní Indians to Christianity. Mercenary and slaver, Rodrigo Mendoza (Robert De Niro), joins the mission and, together, he and Father Gabriel work to help care for the Guaraní tribe. When Spain sells the colony to Portugal, they are forced to fight against the Portuguese army; one armed with the love of God, the other with the sword.


MA 15+
Canada, 2010
Genre: Drama
Language: French-Canadian
Director: Denis Villeneuve
Starring: Lubna Azabal, Mélissa Désormeaux-Poulin, Maxim Gaudette
What's it about?
When twins Jeanne and Simon are informed of their mother Nawal's will, they receive two envelopes: one for the father they thought was dead and another for a brother they didn't know existed. Jeanne immediately decides to go to the Middle East and dig into a family history in search of a Nawal who was very different from the mother they knew. 

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USA, 2005
Genre: Drama, Thriller
Language: Urdu, Arabic, Persian-Farsi, French, Mandarin
Director: Stephen Gaghan
Starring: Amanda Peet, Jeffrey Wright, Christopher Plummer, Chris Cooper, Matt Damon, George Clooney
What's it about?
Starring George Clooney in an Oscar-winning performance, this acclaimed political thriller takes a penetrating look at the efforts of the U.S. intelligence-gathering community in the Middle East, weaving together several storylines ranging from American foreign policy and the CIA's role in it to the oil industry and terrorism. Welcome to Syriana.

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Girls on Top

Germany, 2001
Genre: Comedy
Language: German
Director: Dennis Gansel
Starring: Karoline Herfurth
What's it about?
A breezy comedy following the adventures of three teenage girls and their quest to have their first orgasm. Inken, Victoria and Leona watch a video of women from the seventies showing how their orgasms, in addition to giving them immense physical pleasure, liberated them and helped them succeed in life. The girls are more than a little curious and set out to achieve their elusive climaxes in all manner of comedic ways. 


USA, 2009
Genre: Drama, Romance
Language: English
Director: Isabel Coixet
Starring: Penélope Cruz, Ben Kingsley, Dennis Hopper, Peter Sarsgaard, Patricia Clarkson
What's it about?
Ben Kingsley and Penelope Cruz star in this story of cultural critic David Kepesh who finds his life thrown into tragic disarray by a well-mannered student who awakens a sense of sexual possessiveness in her teacher.

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Take This Waltz

USA, 2011
Genre: Drama
Language: English
Director: Sarah Polley
Starring: Michelle Williams, Seth Rogen, Sarah Silverman, Aaron Abrams, Graham Abbey, Danielle Miller, Vanessa Coelho
What's it about?
Sarah Polley (Stories We Tell) directs this bittersweet, offbeat love story starring Michelle Williams and Seth Rogen, asking what long-term relationships do to love, sex, and our images of ourselves. When Margot meets Daniel, their chemistry is intense and immediate. But Margot suppresses her sudden attraction; she is happily married to Lou. When Margot learns that Daniel lives across the street from them, the certainty about her domestic life shatters. She and Daniel steal moments throughout the steaming Toronto summer, their eroticism heightened by their restraint. 

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Saudi Arabia, 2012
Genre: Drama
Language: Arabic
Director: Haifaa Al-Mansour
Starring: Reem Abdullah,Waad Mohammed,Abdullrahman Al Gohani
What's it about?
Wadjda (Waad Mohammed) is a 10-year-old girl living in a suburb of Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia. Although she lives in a conservative world, Wadjda is fun loving, entrepreneurial and rebellious. She’s determined to fight for her dreams, which include saving enough money to buy a bicycle, so she can race her friend Abdullah (Abdullrahman Al Gohani). Wadjda lives at home with her parents, who are loving if a little distracted. Her father isn’t around much, and her mother is convinced he’s busy looking for a second wife. The story is tailored to highlight the pressures and difficulties faced by women in Saudi Arabia, with a rare glimpse into the lives of women behind closed doors and the warm relationships between mothers and daughters.

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