Are you Team Tom or Team Summer?
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4 Sep 2018 - 5:54 PM  UPDATED 4 Sep 2018 - 5:54 PM

The amiable romantic comedy-drama 500 Days Of Summer elicits some strong opinions from the audience. The film, which follows the rise-fall arc of a relationship between Tom (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) and Summer (Zooey Deschanel),  tends to split people into two camps: #TeamTom and #TeamSummer.

Last month Gordon-Levitt weighed in with his take on the matter, when he corrected a fan who believed that Zooey Deschanel’s character Summer Finn was at fault for the couple's rockiest moments.

A Twitter user with the name Emperor Justin tweeted: ‘Still haven’t forgiven Zooey Deschanel for what she did to Joseph Gordon-Levitt in 500 Days of Summer.’ And the actor couldn’t let it slide. 

‘Watch it again. It’s mostly Tom’s fault. He’s projecting. He’s not listening. He’s selfish. Luckily he grows by the end.’

As a way to settle this once and for all, we're playing the movie on SBS Viceland, 8.35pm Thursday 6 September 2018. Watch it and then tell us where you side in this debate. 

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