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SBS On Demand is here to stimulate your circulation, so grab your cosiest buddy or teddy bear and hide under the doona with our selection of exciting thrillers.
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5 Aug 2019 - 11:07 AM  UPDATED 5 Aug 2019 - 1:17 PM

Just like certain albums sound better when the temperature drops, so too are thrillers made for winter. Here are some picks from our collection of thrillers now streaming at SBS On Demand.

Berlin Syndrome

Australian photojournalist Clare Havel (Teresa Palmer) embarks on a passionate holiday romance that takes a dark turn when she discovers disturbing images in her lover’s family album. Trapped inside his Berlin apartment, will she meet the same fate as those in the snapshots? Max Reimelt co-stars and Cate Shortland (Lore, Somersault) directs. 

The Two Faces of January

While on holiday in Athens, couple Colette (Kirsten Dunst) and Chester (Viggo Mortensen) meet Rydal (Oscar Isaac), a fellow American and tour guide. When Chester becomes entangled in the death of a detective, Rydal offers to help them out of the jam. But his real motivations and some shady connections of his own soon become apparent.     


Black Sea

A treasure hunt is a thrilling premise, and Black Sea doesn’t disappoint. A submarine captain (Jude Law) in dire need of cash takes a job searching for an abandoned German U-boat rumoured to be laden with gold. The motley crew he gathers quickly turn on each other, ratcheting up the tension. Ben Mendelsohn as an unhinged crew member is a major highlight. Academy Award winner Kevin Macdonald (The Last King of Scotland) directs.

The Hunt For Red October

This adaptation of Tom Clancy’s bestselling novel stars Sean Connery as the Soviet Union’s most respected submarine captain. When he unexpectedly changes course for the USA, the question over his true motivation must be quickly solved. Is he defecting or instigating a war? Also starring Alec Baldwin, James Earl Jones, Scott Glenn and Sam Neill, now’s a great time to see this classic.


6 Days

It’s 1980, and armed men storm London’s Iranian Embassy sparking a hostage situation. Highly trained SAS operatives counter-attack, hoping to end the crisis peacefully. This New Zealand film from director Toa Fraser (The Free Man) stars Jamie Bell (Rocketman), Australia’s Abbie Cornish (Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri) and Mark Strong (Kingsman: The Golden Circle). 

Just A Breath Away

A mysterious, fatal fog has hit Paris. Huddling together on higher ground, without water, food or electricity, one small family struggles to survive the catastrophe. They soon realise help is not on the way. Will they survive if they emerge out into the fog? Romain Duris and Olga Kurylenko star.   


The Emperor of Paris

By 1805, during the reign of Napoleon, Eugene Francois Vidocq (Vincent Cassel) is a career criminal planning his latest prison break. Several years later, he’s assumed a false identity and become a detective. Vidocq is a real figure from history, his innovations in crime scene investigations founding forensics as we know it. This film is bloody and brutal, and Cassel is as magnetic as ever. Olga Kurylenko and Freya Mavor co-star.      

Through The Fire

Parisian firefighter Franck (Pierre Niney) and his wife, Cecile (Anais Demoustier) are happily expecting twins. During a call out, he puts himself in danger to save his crew. When he wakes up in a burns centre, he realises his face has suffered severe damage and he must learn to live as a disfigured man.   

Mea Culpa

By now, it’s clear the French do thrillers rather well. Mea Culpa stars Vincent Lindon and Gilles Lellouche as a good-cop duo. Since killing three people in a drink driving accident, Simon has been languishing, but when his young son (Max Baissette de Malglaive, 22 Bullets) witnesses a murder and becomes the hunted, Simon is back with a vengeance.   

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