To celebrate the release of JUDY & PUNCH on Thursday 21st November, SBS and Madman are giving you the chance to win a double pass to see the film in cinemas. - This competition is now closed
11 Nov 2019 - 9:48 AM  UPDATED 18 Nov 2019 - 3:02 PM

You can find tickets, cinema info, and view the trailer here


It’s the mid-17th century in the tiny town called Seaside (incidentally, nowhere near the sea). Worn out and ruined by poverty and neglect, the lives of Seaside’s town folk have spiraled into violence, mob rule and God-fearing hysteria. Amongst the chaos, one glimmer of artistry remains: Punch and Judy’s marionette puppet theatre.

 While the townspeople revel in the drama and brutality of trials and executions, the charismatic Punch (DAMON HERRIMAN) and his prodigiously talented puppeteering wife Judy (MIA WASIKOWSKA), endeavour to use their show to escape with their new baby to loftier means – a sentiment that is pushed by Punch and accepted by Judy. Judy is clearly the superior puppeteer and possesses the skill and dexterity of a great artist, but it is Punch who owns the limelight. A loveable narcissist with a dangerous penchant for the bottle, his ambition and egomania are the antithesis of Judy’s gentle, practical nature.

 Punch and Judy’s first marionette show back from a hiatus is a triumph but Punch, spurred on by the show’s success and the brutal celebration of witch stoning day, succumbs to Seaside’s temptations and the local McDrinky’s tavern. Fuelled by ale and adulation, he is caught out by Judy in the tavern, heavily drinking and in the company of apparent mistress, Polly (LUCY VELIK).

 The next day, a slapstick chain of events comes to a tragic end while Punch continues his drinking binge. Hell bent on vengeance and retribution, darkness descends over Judy, who must right the wrongs of Punch and the entire town of Seaside in an act of vengeance befitting her true nature.

You can find tickets, cinema info, and view the trailer here 

Competition opens: Monday 11th November 2019, at 10:00AM AEDT

Competition closes: Sunday 17th November 2019, at 11:59 PM AEDT

Competition drawn: Monday 18th November 2019, at 12:00pm AEDT

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 Congratulations to our winners:

S. Caruana, 3024

S. Fischer, 5098

P. Easton, 3804

K. Marken, 4013

A. Kendal, 2604

H. Fitzgerald, 2016

B. Jones, 4075

C. Upton, 5161

D. Howell, 6026

L. Hristianopoulos, 6007

J. Malligan, 6065

T. Walker, 5045

G. MacKnight, 3046

J. Lau, 2069

Z. Bharucha, 2119

J. Whiting, 3757

P. Shearer, 2481

T. Taylor, 2230

L. Solari, 5084

W. Spann, 4109

R. Pereira, 4073

J. Jordan, 3181

M. Dowling, 3183

E. Kuhaupt, 6007

K. Rule, 2008

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