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Monk Comes Down the Mountain

China, 2015
Genre: Action, Adventure
Language: Mandarin
Director: Kaige Chen
Starring: Chang Chen, Aaron Kwok, Baoqiang Wang
What's it about?
A young, Taoist monk begins a journey when he is ejected from a humble monastery. This martial arts action film is based on the best-selling novel Dao Shi Xia Shan (A Monk Comes Down The Mountain) by Xu Haofeng.

Mr. Six

China, 2015
Genre: Crime, Action, Drama
Language: Mandarin
Director: Guan Hu
Starring: Feng Xiaogang, Zhang Hanyu, Li Yi Feng, Kris Wu, Xu Qing, Liu Hua
What's it about?
Many years ago Mr. Six was a notorious gangster. That was back when there was still such a thing as honour among thieves, when criminals earned respect and maintained principles. These days Mr. Six is all but forgotten, a living relic residing in a narrow alley. One day Six's son, Xiaobo, is abducted by some spoiled punks after he scratches their precious Ferrari. Mr. Six realises that he must do whatever it takes to get his son back – even if that means returning to the life he thought he had left behind.


Hong Kong, 2007
Genre: Drama, History, Action, War
Language: Mandarin
Director: Feng Xiaogang
Starring: Hanyu Zhang, Chao Deng
What's it about?
Chinese master of the epic, Feng Xiaogang, creates an incredible story of heroism and sacrifice. Captain Gu zidi, is sent with his 47 men on a mission to defend a coal mine. The hopelessly outgunned unit use guile, deceit and makeshift artillery to fend off tanks, shells and infantry. Gu zidi is the only man left standing and, after waking in hospital, he is shocked to discover the heroic fallen soldiers have been refused official recognition. 


China, 2011
Genre: Romance, Action, War
Language: Mandarin
Director: Jackie Chan
Starring: Jackie Chan, Joan Chen, Li Bingbing
What's it about?
In the early 1900s, China is in a state of crisis. The ruling Qing Dynasty is completely out of touch with its citizens, but any attempt at rebellion is quashed by the Dynasty's powerful, modern army, the "New Army". When Huang Xing returns from Japan, where he has studied the art of modern warfare, he feels he has no choice but to pick up the sword.

1911: The Revolution Review

Tai Chi Hero

China, 2012
Genre: Martial Arts
Language: Mandarin
Director: Stephen Fung
Starring: Daniel Wu, Qi Shu, Tony Leung Ka Fai
What's it about?
This saga continues the story of Yang Luchan, a young genius who, tired of being picked on, travelled to Chen Village to learn the art of Tai Chi. Luchan finds out the hard way that it is forbidden for a villager to teach an outsider. But when a terrifying army of soldiers shows up, the villagers realise that to save their home, they must trust this strange outsider.

Tai Chi Hero Review

Ilo Ilo

Singapore, 2013
Genre: Drama
Language: Mandarin
Director: Anthony Chen
Starring: Koh Jia Ler, Angeli Bayani, Tian Wen Chen, Yann Yann Yeo
What's it about?
In Singapore, a struggling family of three with another on the way, hire a new maid from the Philippines, all the while battling money issues and the troublesome behaviour of their young son. With 26 contenders to choose from across all sections of the 66th Cannes Film Festival, a jury headed by Agnes Varda chose Singaporean writer–director Anthony Chen's Ilo Ilo for the Camera d'Or, which honours an outstanding first film. "This is the first time Singapore has ever won anything at Cannes," said the director, who based the tale on his own relationship with his childhood carer.

Ilo Ilo Review

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Ong Bak

Thailand, 2005
Genre: Crime, Martial Arts
Language: Thai
Director: Prachya Pinkaew
Starring: Tony Jaa, Pumwaree Yodkamol, Suchao Pongwilai, Chumphorn Thepphithak, Cheathavuth Watcharakhun, Wannakit Sirioput, Rungrawee Barijindakul
What's it about?
In a Thai village, the sacred statue of Ong Bak watches over its inhabitants, who feel safe and secure in its presence. When a former villager steals the statue's head to sell it to the underworld, the villagers are fearful of the consequences, and pin their hopes on Ting, a gifted but reluctant Muay Thai boxer. Ting is tasked with travelling to the streets of Bangkok, to fight and reclaim Ong Bak for his village.


Hong Kong, 2008
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Family, Fantasy, Science Fiction
Language: Mandarin
Director: Stephen Chow
Starring: Stephen Chow, Xu Jiao, Kitty Zhang, Lam Tze-chung, Lee Sheung-Ching, Huang Lei, Yao Wen-Xue, Steven Fung Min-Hang, Han Yong-Hua, Lei Yu
What's it about?
Ti is a construction worker who struggles to fund his son Dicky's private education. He finds an orb in a junk yard and mistakes the object for a toy. When Dicky starts to play with it, their lives are turned upside down by this fascinating and strange new pet. Amid the resulting comic mayhem, they ultimately learn a poignant lesson about the true nature of family and the things money can't buy.

I Am Not Madame Bovary

China, 2016
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Language: Mandarin
Director: Feng Xiaogang
Starring: Fan Bingbing, Guo Tao, Da Peng
What's it about?
By acclaimed filmmaker Feng Xiaogang, starring Fan BingBing, comes this caustically comic contemporary drama based on Liu Zhenyun’s 2012 novel I Did Not Kill My Husband. The film tells the satirical story of a village woman accused of being an adulterer. After a ruling is made against her in her divorce case, she begins an annual ‘journey of petition’ to Beijing to prove that her divorce was a sham, and to redeem her reputation.

'I Am Not Madame Bovary': Sublimely Ridiculous


China, 2010
Genre: Drama, History
Language: Mandarin
Director: Kaige Chen
Starring: You Ge, Xueqi Wang, Xiaoming Huang
What's it about?
Sinister army general Tu'an Gu plots the overthrow and decimation of the powerful Zhao clan. Cheng Ying is a humble doctor and new father assigned to the birth of the Zhao heir. When Tu'an Gu's evil plans are put into action, Cheng Ying rescues the infant Zhao, triggering a chain of events that will ultimately lead to great personal sacrifice and a patiently hatched plan of revenge.

Sacrifice Review

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Miss S

Miss Su Wen Li, a beautiful and witty socialite, forms an unlikely detective duo with the righteous and serious inspector Luo Qiuheng. Despite their many differences, the pair share an undeniable chemistry and solve many cases together in and around Shanghai, all while Miss S chases clues behind her sister's disappearance, which happened ten years ago, yet is forever a thorn in her heart. Based on the Australian series Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries.

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The Longest Day in Chang'an

Set in 744 AD, the 48 episodes of this quick-moving, visually impressive drama follow one very stressful day in the cosmopolitan heart of the Tang dynasty, Chang’an. On the day of the Lantern festival, when the city will be filled with revellers, attackers are planning to destroy it. The young leader of the intelligence bureau must scramble to stop the planned attack, which would devastate not only the city, but the court itself. To head up the investigation, he retrieves a former army officer from his tortured life on death row and teams him up with an eager young investigator. 

Stream seasons 1 and 2 of The Longest Day in Chang'an at SBS On Demand.


Martial Universe

With sixty episodes to enjoy over season 1, Martial Universe is a Chinese fantasy series for fans of Game of Thrones. Lin Dong is forsaken by his clan. When he comes across a stone talisman with magical powers, life will never be the same again. His adventures help him hone his skills as a martial artist, to keep a demon sect from taking over the world. With a huge budget, this series sparkles and it is completely binge-worthy.

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