Born in New York in 1964, he is two tears old when his parents decide to emigrate to Jerusalem where he grows up. After studying filmmaking in the Tel Aviv Film School and serving in the Army, Fox makes his debut in 1990 with a medium-length movie, Time Off (1990), dealing with the question of sexual identity in the Army. His first feature, Song of a Siren (1994), a comedy set in Tel Aviv during the First Gulf War, was a hit in his country. After working for three years for Israeli TV (Gotta Have a Heart (1998), a musical drama, and "Florentine" (1997), a series about the post-Army years of a group of friends in Tel Aviv), Eytan returns to the big screen with Yossi & Jagger (2002). Two years later, he directs the masterful, unforgettable _Walk on Water (2004)_ , about the ambiguous relationship linking a Mossad agent and the grandson of a former Nazi officer, which brought him international recognition. His most recent work, The Bubble (2006) is remarkable as well, synthesizing all his former films and reflecting the contradictions of Israel in a unique blend of comedy and tragedy. A key figure of Israeli cinema, Eytan Fox is someone nobody can get away from, either in Israel or abroad.